Family Handmade Kitty

The emperor’s new sleeve {handmade}


One of these sleeves is not like the other!

But let it be known far and wide that this week I have finished the first sleeve on Kitty’s cardigan.  In abstract, the phrase “this week I knit a sleeve on the cardigan for my six year old” doesn’t sound too impressive, but when the six year old in question needs you to knit a size 10, and for reasons that can only be attributed to yarn fumes, you decided to knit it from 4ply, I promise it represents many hours of knitting round and round.

I took these pictures yesterday evening, just as the sun started to finally fade away, and then I went back inside, picked up the needles and the rest of the ball of yarn, and started on the other side.  We’ve got a sleeve and the collar and button band to go and whilst collars and button bands can be deceptively time consuming, I think I’ve got half a chance and a bank holiday weekend to see if next week’s crafty round up can see Kitty modelling a properly fully finished cardie.  I did think I was going to spend most of the weekend churning out shorts, but as the weather forecast has resisted all pleading and is being resolutely British (which means rainy), I think I’ll have more than enough opportunity to curl up on the sofa with some knitting while we watch raindrops trickle lazily down the windows.

Does it sound strange to say that I love the scruffiness of a project at this stage? Perhaps scruffy is the wrong word, it’s all neatly knitted and, apart from the addition of an extra inch here or there, knitted exactly to the pattern.  But it doesn’t look right; the sleeves and the body are pulling in too much, and the leaf patterns at shoulder, wrist and waist, are throwing the fabric into odd bumps and curves; gorgeously textural, but certainly not the intended finish.

It’s an act of faith to knit on, trusting that when it’s all finished and bebuttoned, I can give it a little swim in a bowl of lukewarm water, gently squeeze it out, and then carefully arrange everything as it should be, and leave it to dry on a towel in my studio, and know that it will stay that way. But it will.

In the yarn countdown, I’ve still got at least half of the second of my three skeins of Wollmeise, so it’s looking more than likely that there could be a matching pair of socks in there for Kitty.  I’ve been planning on making all three of them socks for their Christmas knit this year (I know, but knitters have to at least plan early, even if the execution happens in a flurry at the end of November), and I’m sorely tempted to see if I can make Kitty a pair of toe up socks and use exactly the same pattern as her cardigan.  What do you think, is matching your socks to your cardigan going a step too far?



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  • Lee Winemiller Cockrum 28/05/2017 at 1:29 am

    I think that matching socks sounds fabulous! Can’t wait to see the sweater all blocked!

  • Doris 28/05/2017 at 7:30 am

    I think that matching socks are brilliant, but I wonder whether this pattern makes for comfy socks? (I’m a very fussy sock wearer, so all the humps and bumps don’t look that appealing to me, but I may be wildly mistaken.)