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Oh Christmas Tree!


It turned out that we had to wait a little longer.  Plans to get our tree on Wednesday had to be shelved when we just ran out of time between the girls finishing school, me finishing work for the day and it getting dark and it wasn’t until Friday lunchtime that we made it out over to choose our tree for the year.

If the girls were curious and interested last year, this year they were on a mission.  They knew exactly what they wanted, a tree as big as we could fit in our house and not an inch shorter and they set off at a sprint, scanning every tree they passed.

There’s one big tree planted in the centre and dressed in lights; it’s stunning and at least a couple of storeys high, and I’m certain the girls would have wanted to dig it up and bring it home if it was on offer.  As it was they contented themselves with hiding underneath it; tiny tree gnomes in Christmas jumpers and a wooly hat that used to be mine.

In the end we chose the very first tree that we picked up as has so often been the way in years past.  Kitty ran to it, told us it was the one, John picked it up and we all had a look, then we spent an obligatory 15 minutes looking at lots of other trees that just weren’t quite as good before we went back to claim it as our own and take it home.   I’m glad it was quiet, I’m glad we had plenty of time to wander round and check all of the trees because this is probably our last Christmas tree from them.  Every year since we married John and I have bought our tree there, but next year, all being well many fingers crossed, we will have moved and we’ll be starting our new Christmas tree tradition, so it felt a little bit like the end of an era, the first of the probably lasts.

I’m glad we’re finishing with the best yet.

This is probably the biggest tree we have ever bought; in the last few years we’ve gone from a smallish tree on a table to a shoulder height tree on the floor and now this whopper.  It’s the Christmas tree of your dreams, the one that means that even I have to stand on a dining chair to reach high enough to put the star on, and it’s definitely big enough for all of our ornaments with room to spare for a few more once the Christmas holiday making bonanza gets underway.

We’re at about 40% handmade ornaments at the moment and as the girls get into the swing of my version of Christmas I know it’s only going to grow.  A lot of our bought ornaments are handmade too; we try to buy an ornament for the tree as souvenirs from our travels, and while the bauble from our first holiday together in Italy hasn’t survived the arrival of the children we still have the star from our honeymoon on the top, the Eiffel Tower from our first wedding anniversary, Murano glass from Venice among many others, and now we’ve added the latest addition, a little snowman cut into a slice of a branch from the Black Forest that came home this summer.

We’ve been decorating quite slowly this year, the baubles have gone on over the last couple of days and I’ve sure I’ve still got a few in a box to be added at some point but it’s been nice to reminisce about the holidays that they came from, and the years when they were made.  There was one Christmas, a year or so before Kitty was born where John and I spent pretty much the entire holiday sitting at either end of the dinner table, him painting and me making things, mostly beaded snowflakes I think, while cheesy Christmas films played in the background.  It was one of my favourite holidays and the tree gained more than a few decorations that year.

And now with the tree taking up half the lounge and only two days to go until I stop work for the year, (and I really will stop; no more weeks of working every night to silly o’clock until at least 3 January!), it’s really starting to feel just a little bit like Christmas.

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