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Vlogmas 2016: 12 days in 1


Happy Vlogmas!

This time last year I was absolutely certain that this year I would have a stab at doing Vlogmas.  I love Christmas and Advent and every tiny little thing that makes up our traditions, I want to have a record of the years when the children were really small, and the fact that you’d be making a video every single day means there just wouldn’t be time to panic about the editing or the music or all of that faff.  Plus, it’s impossible to make a video every day for 24 days and not improve.  So that was it, this year I was going to do it, camera at the ready.

Except, I think we all know how that plan went.  It’s part the work situation, which isn’t going to drastically improve until March, and part that I thought to myself, I do the same thing, all day every day for every working day in December up to and including the 20th, who on earth is going to watch that?

But the more John and I talked about it, the more the stubborn part of my personality came to the fore.  I might not be able to do Vlogmas every day, and it might bore everyone to tears if I did, but why not do a 12-days-in-one Vlogmas? And so we did, and here it is:

You can tell from the comments about the temperature and the fact it’s not raining that this was the earlier part of the week and not Friday, but with a few variations, this is what my working day looks like for December, with more Christmas parties and fewer impending colds (I hope!).  It is spectacularly silly and was great fun to make, and has only made me want to make more videos, possibly when I finish work for the year and pour every ounce of repressed creativity into making this the most Christmassy Christmas ever ever, although a certain someone’s pre-birthday video should be making an appearance tomorrow.

I’m still incredibly beginner at videos too so if you have any tips, tricks, suggestions, recommendations for a good video camera rather than just using my iPhone, please tell all in the comments and I will be eternally grateful.