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Siblings 2016 {November}


If you’ve headed over here today looking for the Siblings link up then hurray, you’re in the right place; sort of.  It is Siblings day, the link up is still going, but as you can see from the dearth of photos around here, I’m going to be a little bit late to the party.

It’s a combination of rainy days, dark mornings and evenings and a day job that at present is taking its pound of flesh and some.  I’m in that horrible phase where it feels as if all I ever do in the week is work, come home, put the children to bed, work some more, and fall asleep attached to my laptop, and yet it’s still not enough, and there’s little end in sight.  On the plus side, they did fix the lift in our office this week so we’re claiming that as a win.

Anyway, on Wednesday I will hopefully see my children in the daylight and fingers crossed it will be sunny.

In the meantime, please go and say hi to my lovely cohosts; Lucy at Dear Beautiful, Katie at Mummy Daddy Me, Amber at Goblin Child,  and Keri-Anne at Gingerlilly Tea; and to show us your sibling photos just link up below or come and play on Instagram under the #siblingsproject and tag @siblings_project_