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ttfn, or what I’ve been up to lately


The short version is, as Elma would say, “an idiot made our car crash”.

The slightly longer version is that as we came home the Sunday before last an [insert your favourite Anglo-Saxon here] driver shot out of a Give Way junction in front of us, suddenly braked and pulled into the side of the road  (all without indicating or using hazard warning lights), and then, as we moved to the right hand side of the carriageway to make sure we didn’t hit them and to be ready to overtake if necessary, they pulled a U-turn.  Across a 60mph road. Across cross hatching. Across us. All without warning lights or indicating again.  H had been braking since they’d jumped the junction but there was nothing we could do, and nowhere left for us to go.  We slammed into their driver’s side doors and their car rolled slowly away from us with sickening crunches, eventually coming to rest on the driver’s side doors in the far verge.

It’s a miracle that they, and their two children, walked away. Actually, it’s not a miracle, it’s because H is a good driver and was doing everything he could to loose speed from the moment their revealed their idiocy and so we hit nearer to 20 than 60. Even then our car is looking mighty scrunched up and the jury is still out as to whether it’s repairable.

And as for us, well the children are shaken up but thanks to the power of car seats, only Kitty had even any bruising, and the littlest two were fine.  H and I have whiplash and I have some pretty spectacular bruising, and most annoyingly I must have jarred my left arm in the impact because as well as a rather nice burn mark down the outside of my elbow, I’ve got soft tissue injuries to wrist and elbow, which basically gives me horrible carpal tunnel-esque symptoms and a feeling a bit like I’m a baby bird with a broken left wing.  I’m strapped up from knuckles to upper arm and been told not to use it.

I’m a mother of three, my job is pretty much entirely computer based, and my hobbies are writing, knitting and sewing – the enforced slow down is calling on every last shred of patience I have available.

And so I’m really just checking in one-handedly to say I don’t know when I’ll be back for more than the odd picture post.  I have a million things I want to write about, and occasions to remember and I know they’ll be a veritable avalanche of posts when I do get the all clear (and I’m going to knit EVERYTHING) but for now I have to be good.

I’m making no promises as to whether or not I’m grumpy about it though!