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Me and Mine 2016: May


Every month when I start writing these updates I have to pull myself back from saying how fast the last month seems to have gone, but this time I really can’t: seriously, just what happened to May? I could have sworn it was only minutes ago that we were taking last minute photos in the bluebell woods, I had to check that I needed family photos this weekend not just sibling ones, and yet here we are, another month into the year.

Space for the Butterflies - Me and Mine 2016: May - a family portrait series

So what of high speed May? Well it’s no surprise that it’s been a busy month.  The children have mostly been pottering along as usual although Kitty’s been busy at school with a food festival and all the excitement of the last week building up to half term which left her absolutely shattered and more ready for the break than I’ve seen her yet.

I’ve had the Berylune craft party, Birmingham Blog Camp, and I hosted a lunchtime seminar at work, the latter of which took up more time than you could ever imagine and means that I now know far more than I will ever be called on to recollect about King Canute and administrative subdivisions from the Doomsday Book.

For H, May was the month in which he very nearly caught my time at the Leeds half marathon in tremendous heat and (as predicted in the video), after a few more beers, entered the Birmingham half in the autumn. It was a Steve Redgrave moment that surprised only him, the rest of us know that while he can still run he won’t stop until the family PB is his. Or at least, no longer mine; if he passes the racing bug on to the children I think our lanky little ones could prove a serious challenge.

But before all the long running kicks in again, he’s been playing golf in all available moments in anticipation of a long weekend away with the lads in a couple of weeks.  Three of them went last year and he won their tournament easily; this year there are four and the win isn’t so much a foregone conclusion; hence lots of practicing.

Space for the Butterflies - Me and Mine 2016: May - a family portrait series

And then there’s just the reality of life with three little ones.  We have a sign in our hall that says “tired parents and happy kids live here”, and it’s never seemed truer: May has gone past in a flash because our lives are full, but for the most part full of the things that make us happy and content.  Life is noisy and busy and despite all my Marie Kondo efforts, I’m still harbouring doubts that our house will ever look neat and tidy for more than 30 seconds.

This month I was a little more organised than usual, if be organised we mean that we took the photos on Saturday rather than yesterday.  They’re from our day exploring All Things Wild which had the multiple advantages of having pretty spots for photos and a friend who takes lovely photos (including our wedding photos) who could be persuaded to wield the camera.

We’re all perched up on a giant log by the side of the play area, having peeled Elma away from playing tug of war against herself and retrieved Pip from the football pitch, albeit with the footballs.  We tried taking pictures without the football butMaster Pip Squeak was full of woe without it, so back it came!

Space for the Butterflies - Me and Mine 2016: May - a family portrait series

It turns out that my children are just as happy to ignore their very dear friend wielding a camera as they are the camera on its own with only the remote trigger to line us all up, but with the able assistance of his lovely L waving at them in the background, we do have a photo of all of us looking at the camera – even if Pip looks deeply suspicious of anyone trying to distract his attention from defending his football against all comers and all sisters;

my family, in May:


And although it’s not a picture of all five of us, I couldn’t resist saving this picture as a sort of out-take;

Space for the Butterflies - Me and Mine 2016:May - a family portrait series

they do make the cutest little family of meerkats!

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