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Songs that work magic


For Kitty it was Barbra Streisand. Not the singer herself but the Duck Face song. It came out when Kitty was tiny and seemed to be one the radio just about every time we got in the car. And slowly we began to notice that it had magical powers where our new baby daughter was concerned.

Space for the Butterflies

Every time it came on the radio, she cooed and smiled and if she’d been upset before it would calm her down, for at least the length of the song. So it became our secret weapon, brought out to sooth a hot pink cheeked little girl while we waited for the Teetha to kick in, or to get through those last few miles of a journey that clearly should have been shorter.

Space for the Butterflies

We tried it on Elma when she arrived but she wasn’t interested, and we began to wonder whether it had just been a fluke with Kitty, until one morning on the way to nursery our weeks old baby, who usually vehemently protested each and every traffic jam we got stuck in, was suddenly quite the contented little thing.

Space for the Butterflies

Her song of choice? The Buggles and Video Killed the Radio Star. It worked on the radio, played from our phones, once saved me when we got stuck in a horrible stop start traffic jam on the M25 when I was on my own with the girls, and H and I could even do a pretty good acapella version if push came to shove.

Space for the Butterflies

And then we got to Pip. He’s never been too fussy about car travel, and his biggest comfort was always to be held so it’s taken a while to find, but since the Autumn I think we can safely say that Master Pip Squeak’s song of choice is Downtown. If he hears it on the radio he will stop and give it his rapt attention and it’s one of the few things that will comfort him if he gets upset and I’m not there, particularly if I’ve had to work late.

It’s not got the most child friendly words it’s true, but happily the only words that I think any of the children can work out from the lyrics are “Downtown” and  “boy”, so they just shout that really loudly throughout the song, and the girls will dance around and around the house while Pip stands there desperately trying to work out how to jump to the beat and giving little half gallops instead.

I recently came across this incredibly sweet parody version, but I’m yet to try it out with Pip to see whether it would cut the mustard.

I’m sure that when they were tiny babies it was the beat of the song that held the appeal; something about the beat of all three must be similar to my heart beat during pregnancy or whatever version of it they heard in the womb.  But now, even though they’d never have made a list of my favourite songs before the children adopted them, they’ve got huge sentimental value for me.  I’m never going to be able to listen to Downtown without seeing Elma rushing around the lounge, Kitty twirling in circles and my little Pip trying so hard to join in.

So is it just my three, or have you becomes fond of the most unlikely songs because they worked a bit of magic?

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NB The pictures are more from the same evening in the garden as this week’s portraits – they were having so much fun running around with the blossom 🙂

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