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A quiet riot {handmade}


Sneaking in under the wire and barely into May really, I’ve finished H’s April Christmas socks.

Space for the Butterflies - Hand knit socks - Socks that Rock - a quiet riot

I’d say finally finished but actually they were a pretty quick knit by my current standards. I started as we travelled north for our anniversary weekend and finished them on Wednesday lunchtime, sat out in the garden watching the littlest two finish up their lunch, so that’s a week and a half of nice soothing knitting turned into a pair of socks.

Perhaps there’s magic in the yarn, because the last pair of socks I knit at high speed were Socks that Rock too, whereas the March socks are languishing and being rather abandoned in favour of some top secret baby knitting and my plans for the girls clothes (which have got as far as buying more grease proof paper to trace out the pattern – ah well, it’s been a busy week!)

If there is magic it’s that it’s lovely smooth yarn to knit with, it doesn’t split so you can knit fast with confidence, and you can knit without having to look at it too much, which is great for knitting on the move and ‘watching Star Wars knitting’.

Space for the Butterflies - Hand knit socks - Socks that Rock - a quiet riot

This is STR Mediumweight in A Quiet Riot, another of my collection of vintage colourways (My stash of Socks that Rock stems from at least a year if not two years before Kitty was born so a lot of my colours are no longer in production). The more I knit with then the more it’s clear that when you have such beautiful colours in the yarn the only thing to do to show them off is to knit a nice plain sock, and that suits me perfectly right now, I’ll save the skeins with fancy patterns for when my brain is up for a bit more of a challenge.

So plain socks it was. These are knit on 2.75mm needles, up a size from my usual 2.5s and I dropped down from 72 stitches to 68 but could easily have gone to 64 and still fit H, these are nice big comfy, wearing after your bath sort of socks.

The pattern is basically 15 rounds of 2×2 rib, 60 rounds plain, a heel flap heel, 40 rounds on the foot and my usual wedge toe. If you were knitting over 64 stitches you’d easily have enough yarn for two socks that way (and H wears a UK 10/11). If you knit on 68 stitches then you might just find that you have to fudge the toe on the second sock. Not that that would have happened to anyone we know of course!

Space for the Butterflies - Hand knit socks - Socks that Rock - a quiet riot

One more pair to go, and then last year’s Christmas knitting will be finished – just in time for the birthday knitting to begin!

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