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Space for the Butterflies - a guide to the one word intentions of a toddler

At 20 months Pip is in that gorgeous phase where he’s just starting to come out with not just words, just words that have meaning, even if sometimes we take a little while to pick up on the translation. He’s had “Mama” and “Dada” for a while, swiftly followed by his very first word “keshup” (ketchup – that would be the influence of his father and sisters then!), and the very useful “no” and “choc-lat” and he has an incredible sweet “thank oo” and “bu bye”.  We’ve not yet got to the stage of that gorgeous stream of consciousness narrative to life that is so much fun in toddlerhood, but he’s definitely got some words and phrases that I think perhaps mean a little more than meet the eye; the kind of words where you can see from his action and expression that that one word is trying to convey an awful lot.

And so I wanted to write a little phrase book to his other little one-word-means-a-whole-sentence before all the rest of the words catch up with him, a Pip Squeak phrase book for efficient communication:

Doing: the answer to any and all questions “what are you doing Pip?”.  Sometimes rendered as “Doing Dada” and always while continuing to get up to whatever mischief first attracted parental attention. It’s a sort of baby Jedi mind trick, “your attention is not here, your attention is elsewhere, you do not need to know that I am very carefully scribbling over my sister’s colouring in book, you should think about something else”

Gol!!: H was sorting out our cupboard under the stairs and watching a football match on his iPad at the same time. One of the teams scored at which point Pip jumped down and ran to find H; “Gol Dada! Fooball Gol!“, meaning both “look the team scored a goal” and “kindly ignore that I was playing with the iPad and that the last time I did that it ended up in the bath. Under water [Ed note: three days in a bag of all the rice we could find in the house at the time actually worked a treat, it’s not a myth]

Stick: I have seen a hockey stick/golf club/cricket bat/stick/anything that could even remotely be considered to resemble the above and I need you to pass it to me. Now!

Ball: Please pass me the ball/ I cannot see a ball/ my ball is gone, I want it back/ I need a ball / Unless you go and find me a ball right now I am going to follow you around the house swiping at you with the aforementioned stick and mournfully pleading “ball?

Stick-Ball: Hockey match, now, back garden, no excuses – what do you mean it’s raining?

Muk: What do you mean you’ve only just got in from work and it’s nearly time for supper, it’s clearly time for milk. It’s always time for milk.

Sorry Oh-ah: One of my sisters is being asked to apologise to the other one, I will apologise too just for fun. What does apologise mean?

Diiiiink: Please pass me the water cup or I may expire from dehydration.  This does not guarantee that I will actually drink any water though, I might just want to use it to make a puddle on my plate to splash in.

Bobble: I have found a leftover Christmas tree bauble, please avert your gaze while I try to eat it.

Luv Oo: I love you/ you have chocolate.

Cuddles: stand by, I am about to throw myself at you regardless of what or who else you have in your arms at the time. But once I’m there I will give you the best snuffliest cuddle in the whole wide world and you won’t want to put me down.

I love that more and more words keep popping up all the time, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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