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Putting on a show


I’ll admit it started out as a method of distractions.  On the Sunday afternoons that aren’t quite warm enough or dry enough yet to laze out in the garden, when all H and I want o do is to sit and be and to rest and to try to gather up energy for the week ahead, and we have those moments of willing the girls to find something to play with together.

And as is always the way, however many times they’ve played schools or puppies or babies or whatever it is up until that point, at the moment that you think “I could just sit down here for a minute and..” they come to you all out of sorts and at a loose end.  I’m a firm believer in the power of boredom to stimulate creativity, but sometimes that creativity needs a nudge.  And thus began the shows.

“Go upstairs darling, and work out a whole show, in secret, and dress up in your costumes, and then come back down and perform it for us!”

10 minutes of blissful peace and quiet later, the girls will return, and actually, we’ve really come to look forward to whatever they come up with.  They are always both dressed up in one of their outfits, sometimes with a quick change costume off in the wings, and they always start as Kitty has learnt at school:

“Good evening! Welcome to our nativity play”,

even when they continue on into some mash up of Cinderella, the three little pigs and a complete song and dance routine of their own invention.  The song and dance routine is of prime importance, and generally has Kitty going first, and making it up on the spot, and then Elma following behind and desperately trying to replicate before giving up and going back to twirling and singing Twinkle Twinkle.

And usually by the time they’ve finished, somehow the magic has done its work and they naturally fall away into playing some game or other.

But for all that the 10 minutes peace can be very welcome, it’s the shows I’ve started to look forward to.  Kitty and Elma play make believe games all the time, but not so much with grown-ups; when we all play a game as a family it’s usually fairly solidly rooted in reality but the shows give a  little window into their imagination that isn’t usually shared.

And as with all such things, I suspect this phase of performing has a limited life span; sooner rather than later they won’t get as bored, or putting on a play won’t work as a distraction, and they’ll move on to different things and it will be gone before we know it.  So for the time being it’s the moment to curl up in the sunshine and celebrate every last minute.

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