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Happy Easter



The loveliest Sunday in the year is here. Time to celebrate, time to rejoice, time to be with family, time to eat unimaginable amounts of chocolate, time to sing Happy Birthday to my mother in law, and of course, time to draw bunnies all over the driveway. Again, because these bunnies have alas entirely washed off in this evening’s storm, though my sister in law, who was the only person to drive up to the house while they were there, says they looked great!

Easter is incredibly important to our family because of our faith but this year I think its biggest gift might be that lovely four day bank holiday weekend. Time to be together and just enjoy each other’s company without the pressure to be anywhere or do anything, and without it being at the cost of needing to catch up once I get back to the office.  It’s pure crazy noisy busy bliss and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So from H and I and Kitty, Elma and Pip, I hope you’re having a very wonderful weekend – Happy Easter!

it’s a cheeky request I know, but if you do have a minute over the weekend I would love a nomination in the MADs and the BiBs blogging awards for writer, craft, or family/school days (all the details are here). And if you’re wondering who to put down in the pregnancy blog category, have you thought about The Adventure of Parenthood , The Goblin Child, Mummy Daddy Me, Dear Beautiful or Sorry About The Mess , all of whom would be worthy winners?