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A bigger Milo {handmade for Pip}


I’ll freely admit to anyone that knitting is completely and utterly addictive. But apparently I can take this up a notch and clarify it to say that knitting Milos is even more addictive. I know this because having knit one in January (for a bump that turned into the most adorable and teeny tiny baby boy), I not only knit one in February, but I’ve just cast on for a third. When I said that one of my intentions for the year was to make more things I’m not quite sure I intended to be making the same thing again and again and again, but if my heart and my hands have fallen for one pattern I could be doing a lot worse.

I first knit a Milo when Kitty was a baby; just a nice plain simple little knit to show off some handspun from a novelty batt, the prettiest of blues with flashes of bright colours. Kitty wore it, then Elma and then Pip. Or rather, now Pip. Except that my boy is 18 months old and the size of a sizeable two year old and that little knit is in age 12 months. Knitwear stretches I know, but not that far. The last few times he wore it it was looking decidedly warm and snug, and not quite long enough, and so I did what any knitterly mother would do, and went stash diving.

I had a ball and a bit of the Bluebird Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK leftover from every other project that I’ve made with Bluebird Baby Merino Silk DK and while that was always going to be an optimistic shout for a tank top in age 2, it’s such a lovely soft yarn and a beautiful colour for Pip that I cast on anyway.

And knit and knit and knit and knit, and cabled, and knit, and went to the shops in my lunch hour to buy another ball of Bluebird, and knit and knit and knit.

Space for the Butterflies - Milo for Pip

I cast off the last stitch on a Friday night, just as a mewling from upstairs told me that someone needed his Mama’s arms more than he needed the ends darning in, and the ends were duly tucked away on Saturday morning as I sat in a patch of glorious sunshine in the lounge and Pip jumped up and down at my feet. It seems that he is every inch his father’s son when it comes to knitwear – H will take a pair of finished socks straight out of my hands and put them on, and when I told Pip I’d finished knitting for him he made all sorts of squeaky noises that meant “put it on” and I got some very stern frowny faces when I suggested he might take it off.

Space for the Butterflies - Milo for Pip

And so I think I could best describe this knit as having been “blocked by wearer”! Truth be told, the yarn doesn’t change much on blocking and I knit this fast enough that it shouldn’t have got too grubby from being carted around, at least no grubbier than a baby with an affinity for smearing toast down his tummy will get it!

As a little tank top it is warm and snuggly and I can see why he liked it.  I knit the braided cable into this one, just because I haven’t knit it before and I like it well enough. I think this isn’t a yarn for cables though, the silk makes it quite floppy and flat and so one close inspection the braid does look a little deflated; in a woolier yarn like a Shetland, or even a very bouncy pure merino I think it would pop a bit more.

Space for the Butterflies - Milo for Pip

But Pip isn’t really interested in the plumpness of cable knitting, he just wants a warm and snuggly tummy, which is what he’s got.  It’s definitely the right size now, and I knit a little extra length in for longevity, and, to be honest, to use up a bit more of the extra ball of yarn I’d needed to buy.

Space for the Butterflies - Milo for Pip

Hopefully it should last him a couple of winters at least and now I only have half a ball of Bluebird in the stash so technically I think that counts as stash reduction – yes?

For anyone who loves baby clothes as much as I do, his shirt was from Baby Gap but bought in the sale a year ago, and his trousers are not usually that crumpled and are from Trotters, they’re cord fully lined with jersey stripes and I think they’re some of the nicest trousers he owns!

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