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Five things for a Tuesday



Have you read Gill from Baby on Board’s brilliant post about how having her phone makes her a better mum? It sometimes feels hypocritical to me that I play on my phone but we allow our children very limited access to screens and yet to me my phone is so much more than a mere toy, it’s my friends, and my tribe of soul sisters all packed up nice and neatly to fit in my pocket and to be there when I need reassurance or guidance and for me to be there for them too.  And it has pretty pictures and recipes for cake.

I try very hard not to be on the phone too much when the children are awake; I don’t sit playing Instagram while the children run feral at my feet, for one thing Pip thinks all technology belongs to him, be it a phone, a remote for the radio or a bank card reader and squeaks a lot if you don’t give it to him, but I do love taking their pictures, and I think I probably am a happier mum for having my phone, and happier generally equals better.


Speaking of cake… Well speaking of puddings anyway, at the weekend I made the rhubarb, blood orange and almond crumble that was featured on Decor8 recently, and oh the flavour combination is a wintery wonder.  I think to make it again I would pre-cook the rhubarb with the blood orange juice and reduce it down until it was syrupy, because even with a bit of a thickener it was still very juicy, sort of a self-saucing crumble, though how much of that was due to the fact that the rhubarb may not have quite defrosted is hard to say.  Completely delicious though and I love the addition of flaked almonds in the crumble mix.


Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s new book, Gentle Parenting is out and I’m looking forward to getting hold of a copy.  I generally don’t go for books that prescribe an entire method of childcare, I don’t think there can ever be a one size fits all approach to individuals and so I tend to read things that are specific to one area.  That and when I was first pregnant I bought a “hurrah you’re pregnant” sort of guide and we ended up keeping it at the bottom of the laundry basket (I’ve no idea why we didn’t just bin it) because as far as we could work out, any symptoms in the first trimester (breathing, eating, walking, living your daily life, anything normally attributed to the first trimester) was absolutely definitely a sign of an ectopic pregnancy, in the second trimester it all meant pre-term labour and in the third it was pre-eclampsia.  It’s great to know what to watch for for all three don’t get me wrong, but they’d gone overboard.  On the plus side, we got over book-led neurosis before I’d even given birth and we went with the ‘two intelligent adults who trust their gut are not going to screw this up too badly’ school of parenting.

That being said, when I first read Babycalm it was as if someone had taken how we were instinctively parenting Kitty (and later Elma and Pip too) and written it all down in a book, which for starters made me feel a lot more normal, so I’m very curious to see what this one says.


I find Design*Sponge’s Life and Business series fascinating, both for how much some people’s jobs differ from my industry and for how much is the same regardless of what it is you do.  Yesterday’s post by Andy J Millar blew me away though.  He talks about finding your plot twist, finding the one thing that you have the skill set for, that is both innovative and completely logical and I love it.  But what struck me most was this:

“Most people aren’t willing to innovate to be creative, because at first it’s ugly and uncomfortable. Sometimes it even seems impossible. This is why it looks like magic.”

Isn’t that just the truth – I know I fell like I want everything new to work perfectly and be totally brilliant first time because I feel like I haven’t got time for do-overs.  Except that if you only ever do the easy ‘right first time’ stuff you never get beyond it.  I’m a work in progress. Anyway reading that post had me all fired up to go and find my plot twist so expect many experimental disasters to occur in the near future!


You’ll have to forgive me for saving this til last, and for saving the picture for the very end, but I fear that if I’d led with this marvel of culinary wonder you’d never have read any further for having fainted into a cartoonesque chocoholic daze, with Milky Way Magic Stars dancing around your head.

This my friends, this is a Creme Egg Quiche.

Space for the Butterflies - Creme Egg Quiche

I’ve been wanting to make one for ages but with that amount of sugar and chocolate around you need some extra adults to help soak it all in if you have any regard for your sanity and so we waited until my brother in law and his wife came for lunch.

The recipe, and thus the glory, belongs to my Siblings co-host Annie from Fable &Folk (formerly Mammasaurus) and basically I did what she did, only I added in some orange zest to the pastry (and it was good).

Because you’re not cooking anything you could easily use whatever flavour egg is your favourite (and I refuse to believe there can be someone out there without a favourite mini Easter egg).  I also had enough pastry left over to make some mini cases which I filled with shop bought chocolate mousse for Pip (the original recipe being a raw egg mousse) and he thought all his Christmasses had come at once.

Resistence is futile; you know you want to go and make one now!