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Elma Family Kitty Photography Pip {the ordinary moments}

Pile on!


Over the years this little corner of the Internet has captured so many memories that I would probably otherwise have forgotten.  There are the high days and the holidays, the incredibly special first photos of our family as it’s grown, days out, adventures and milestones.  The photos and words hold the detail, the key that unlocks all the rest of the memory and as I’ve realised today that I’ve replaced in my brain something presumably terribly useful with the words of the Ning Nang Nong, I am so glad I first picked up keyboard and Internet and just started writing.

And the there are the tiny moments of family life when you look around and think, “I’m going to remember this, exactly how it is right now, forever and ever”. And sometimes you do; I have one very very vivid memory from childhood, when I can’t have been more than seven. My sister and I were spending a later winter’s afternoon mucking about on the floor together and we started to strike “ta da!” poses, lying out on the floor, cheek to cheek, arms outstretched.  I remember the way the carpet felt, the way we giggled, and the feeling of utter contentment, of knowing that I was exactly who when what and where I was supposed to be in the world.  Something in that moment prompted my Dad to go down the hall and get his camera and so there are a couple of photos in the album from that afternoon; me with scruffy ‘growing out my bowl cut’ hair, NHS specs and the latest fashion in assorted cousin handmedowns, and my sister in what appears to be navy blue velour (ah the 80’s!).  I love the photos and love that the moment was captured.

Fast forward ..some.. years and there are many moments when that feeling of complete contentment really hits, the moments that I want to bottle up and save forever.  Sometimes to take pictures would be to break the spell and so I just drink in the moment, and sometimes the camera is to hand, the words are on the tip of my tongue, and I fall in love with blogging as a medium all over again.


It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary, just the five of us hanging out at home.  Except that after a busy start to the year and seemingly endless away games for H’s hockey team it’s actually an incredibly special moment to be home all together with no time pressure to be anywhere, to have time to just be our little family of five.


And so there isn’t really any particular story behind these photos, nothing that would mark them out as a special, they’re just of a moment that I loved.

Kitty saying “pile on!”, and she and Elma climbing on H as he lay on the sofa surveying the partially rearranged lounge, and the realisation that Pip is big enough to climb on too.


It’s the sweetness with which Pip is giving Elma the most adoring cuddle and Kitty’s attempts at pulling funny faces.


Simple moments, silly moments perhaps, but ones that I treasure all the same.

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