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Five things for a Tuesday {February}


One: I absolutely love this post by Sarah Ockwell-Smith looking at whether gentle parenting will always be at odds with mainstream schooling by interviewing an awesome teacher currently working in mainstream school. It’s a fantastic counterbalance to so much of what we see in the media about how our schools are full of teachers who were once inspired and in love with imparting knowledge but are now tied up in red tape to the point of quitting the profession, and a lovely view of how a school can be perfectly functional without having to resort to the “sit still in a line and memorise this” version of education.

Two: There’s usually a pretty fast turn around time between my writing these posts and them actually going live.  Sometime I’m publishing straight away, sometimes I might write in the morning and schedule for the next day, but there isn’t much of a gap.  It’s a huge contrast to work where my drafting will sometimes be reviewed and reviewed and reviewed again before it ever leaves the office.  This podcast talks about the editing process and it’s a wonderful reminder of how important that can be – and a fun listen too. Space for the Butterflies

Three: I love doing wet on wet watercolour painting with the children; mainly because my drawing and painting of actual things skills needs quite a bit of work, and this sort of watercolour painting, where we usually just use a couple of colours and let them blend themselves, has all the peaceful bliss of laying down colour in swirls and none of the “what was it you were trying to make” problems.

Space for the Butterflies

(photo by H proving that he has not been oblivious to 10 years of my putting projects in the shrubbery for photographs!)

Even Pip is big enough to join in, and because he just gets one little pot of colour there’s less for him to throw around and a lot of it does end up on the paper.  It means we’re building up a fair stash of finished pictures so I’ve started to use them as backgrounds for the girls other drawings, and for this week’s crafting with the girls we painted with red, pink, orange and yellow and then I cut out a whole heap of hearts (the big ones traced from a biscuit cutter and the little ones freehand) to make a Valentine’s day garland for the lounge, and I love how it turned out.

Space for the Butterflies

Four: Becky’s post on the right to feel out of sorts when you feel out of sorts is a really thought provoking read and raises an interesting question about the reality of life versus what you put out on the internet.

Five: and finally, via Design Sponge, who has a very pretty illustrated version of it here, a quote from Joseph Chilton Pearce:

“To live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong”

True indeed.