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Pip and the Pigeons


Kitty has always been a little timid around birds.  She liked feeding ducks as long as they stayed the other side of the park railings, and I still remember having to recloate to feed the swans and geese from the top of a bridge in Stratford because she was a bit worried that they could jump up out of the water.  Ducks at least have the cuteness factor going for them, especially with babies in tow but the pigeons that try to gather under the feet of a toddler making crumbs were definitely persona non grata, and when she was really little I used to have to maintain a sort of pigeon cordon around us or she’d get really worried.

Elma is more ambivalent but she follows where Kitty leads and more to the point I think she rather enjoys Kitty’s method of seeing off pigeons (running at them shouting “Raaaa!”.


And then we have Pip.  Utterly fearless (like his father before him so I’m told) and a very carful observer of the big sisters, he will happily run at the pigeons all day long.



But he doesn’t shout “Raaa!” as he waddles after them as fast as his little legs can carry him, he just chases, arms outstretched, gleeful smile all the way.  And as I watched him pottering around the park in the sunshine I could come to only one conclusion.20160130-DSC_0128

I’m pretty sure that Pip is trying to catch one.


Given that he gets faster every day and the pigeons at our park aren’t particularly afraid of people, I’m thinking it may only be a matter of time before he pounces.  Hopefully the pigeons haven’t eaten too much leftover bread and can still fly fast enough to escape from a toddler with friendly intentions.  Or Maybe we need to try to divert him on to squirrels; they can at least run faster!

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