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A year of ordinary moments


Tomorrow my biggest girl turns five.  It’s so cliched and I know I keep saying it, but where in the world has five years gone?  As far as I can see, the sands of time aren’t slipping away so much as being hastily shovelled away by a giant bulldozer.  But time waits for no one and tomorrow Kitty will have her first of many birthdays at school, to add onto a little early celebrating in London on Saturday morning and the plans we have for today that may or may not involve the purchase of a giant balloon.

And as has now become a bit of a tradition, I’ve been looking back through the last year, and putting together her birthday video, a little look back at the year she was four.

(if it’s giving you problems and won’t let you watch it, try version two here which has different music and might work better)

This is the third of Kitty’s birthday videos, she loves them and she and Elma will happily sit and watch our iMovie library, working their way through the birthday videos and the films of our adventures to pass a quiet moment.  It was watching those films, and then watching the clips I have of Kitty for this year that I realised something.  This year is the first year where the change in Kitty, whilst noticeable, isn’t as stark as it once was, or as it is in her siblings’ films (seriously, Elma is wearing PJs in a clip from Kitty’s fourth birthday that fit Pip now!).  And when the storytelling arc isn’t “haven’t you grown”, and the gentle progress from tiny baby to bumbling toddler, to small person, the focus shifts away from the changes and back quite simply to Kitty.

I film odd little snippets throughout the year, and while big days out and adventures might get their own film, I’m determined not to waste the rest.  The everyday, the ordinary, the mundane could so easily end up just sitting on a computer file somewhere gathering virtual reality dust.  When I started to look through them it struck me how many of the moments captured on tape I had forgotten ever happened, and how much I don’t want to loose the memories of these happy happy days; Kitty and Elma feeding each other yoghurt, or leaping for a windmill, or any one of a hundred or so trips to the park this summer.

And so this year’s video, of the year when Kitty was four, is a celebration of a whole year of moments in the beautiful everyday ordinary of our lovely girl, and of our family as a whole.