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Keeping a carousel promise


imageimageimageimageimageWay back in a cool and cloudy February H went on his Christmas present day trip to Paris.  And it was in explaining to Kitty just where Daddy had gone that she first saw a picture of a carousel in Paris, and fell in love.

And because she is her Daddy’s daughter, and because he (and I) adore giving the children experiences more than burying them under an avalanche of stuff, he made her a promise:

Paris, the summer, and a carousel ride.

Quite how this was to be accomplished was anyone’s guess, and we looked at Disney, hotels, a day trip and Airbnb.  And then when the idea of camping became more and more appealing it was easy.  Thre nights at a campsite somewhere on the outskirts of Paris, where we could take a train into the centre, and take the children to see the Eiffel Tower.

And that’s how on Wednesday afternoon, in 33 degree heat plus whatever humidity was knocking around, we found ourselves standing a little tired, hot and sweaty in front of a beautiful beautiful old fashioned carousel.

The girls love carousels and usually H takes them while I stand with Pip and the bags and the buggy or whatever other paraphernalia we have with us, but this one was sturdy enough for adults and we only had Pip in the sling on my front and the nappy bag on H’s back so we all went on.

Elma choose a spot in a little car called Benz, Kitty found a tiger, H an ostrich and Pip and I settled ourselves on a very fine brown horse with a pink saddle, and we were off.

Pip was I suspect mostly bemused by the whole affair, especially because our horse bobbed gently up and down, but Kitty next to me couldn’t keep from smiling and every time Elma turned around she looked the perfect mixture of elated little girl and concentrating serious driver.

Flying round and round all five of us, with the river on one side and the base of the tower on the other and the tiniest breeze cooling hot cheeks we kept our promise, and in the nicest possible way.

And as an addendum for today, I started writing this post, or at least I wrote the title and then Pip woke up and I went off to settle him.  And when I came back I found that H had, shall we say, “given me a headstart”, and write the post for me.  For anyone who wondered whether he was going to start blogging when I go back to work, this is why the answer is almost certainly no.

Our day in Paris, according to H:

we promised to take the girls on the carousel in Paris at the tour eifel and we did. The end.