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On the sad and sorry tale of a carpet that suffered baby led weaning


Once upon a time I had a nice new deep blue carpet fitted in the lounge of my lovely nice new house.  It’s been almost ten years since we moved in.  Ten years of coping with the sand out of astroturf hockey boots, the grass that comes home with the cricket kit, quilts being spray basted to the floor, mud from the garden and then the detritus of three children.  Our carpet isn’t exactly as blue and pristine as it once was.  We’ve cleaned up spills and messes and even borrowed H’s parents’ carpet cleaner, but you get to the point where it’s just not going to go back to how it was, especially around the dinner table.

When we first started baby led weaning with Kitty we knew it was going to be messy, and the avalanches of spaghetti, showers of sandwich crumbs and all sorts of soups and stews that went over the side of the high chair proved us right.  We tried an old oilcloth table cloth under her chair, and then a cut off shower curtain but Kitty seemed to take very great pleasure in aiming for the edges and in the end we gave up.  Which was just as well, because Pip has a seriously strong overarm chuck, and we’d have to plastic coat the whole house.  Fortunately the blue doesn’t show the marks too badly, at least not as badly as if it were cream, and so we’ve decided that we’re going to stick with it, not worry too much about the marks that we can’t get out, and when all of our children are both weaned and potty trained, then we’re going to have a new carpet.

And in the meantime, if it all gets too much, I’m going to buy a rug.

The irony of course is that underneath our carpet there’s a laminate floor across our whole lounge-diner.  It was there when we moved in and we had the carpet laid on top, both because we like the fluffy softness of carpet and because it was a truly atrocious orangey yellow colour and had to be covered up before we permanently damaged our retinas.  It’s a shame in some ways because laminate flooring is the perfect thing for dealing with the baby led weaning blast zone, especially now it comes in a million prettier shades and wood effects than scary orange.

I think that if I went back in time I’d still choose carpet though, I just like having it underfoot so much more, especially in the winter, and I know that we will go for carpet again.  Am I the only person who spends odd moments (night feeds) day dreaming about what they would tweak in their house, or what they want to replace or change?  I’ve done it since I was a little girl when I used to imagine my dream grown up house, complete with decorations (very Art Deco with a kitchen filled with china – maybe I spent too much time at National Trust houses) and if my extensive day dreaming about a studio that I will probably never build is anything to go by, I haven’t stopped yet.

So I sit and think and look at the carpet and try to work out what I might replace it with.  I love the blue, it’s a gorgeous colour and lends itself very well to games about swimming, islands, rivers or Duplo Venice, but it is dark, in a room that isn’t very light and is horribly overshadowed by two enormous trees in our neighbour’s garden (enormous as in easily 60 or 70 foot high), and so something that might bounce a little light around could only be a good thing.  Light, doesn’t show marks, yes that’s not a challenge is it.

And if we’re dreaming the impossible dream I would really love to have a nice thick squishy wool carpet too.  And not just in case I run out of yarn and need to start knitting it.  Wool is such a wonderful fibre, it’s incredibly warm, it’s naturally flame retardant (it just smoulders and goes out) and it’s British.

So to take me one step closer to reality, I’ve been doing a little day dreaming with some help from Carpetright:

Carpet Dreaming - Space for the Butterflies


Which one would you choose?

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