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Baby Family Pip

In which Pip is addressed as a grown up


In the last few weeks since Pip arrived we’ve had a little flurry of baby related post. And at first it was addressed to Baby Butterflies*, or The Parent or Guardian of Baby Butterflies, and that was fine, it was exactly the same as the letters we’d had about the girls, usually right down to the words inside.

But then as Pip’s real name started to filter through the system they changed. And we came across another of those ‘things you never knew about until you had a boy’.

The girls’ letters were addressed to Miss Kitty Butterflies or Miss Elma Butterflies, and that always seemed to fit perfectly. If you think of a Miss it can just as easily be the tiny baby girl in your arms as the memory of your third form primary school teacher, who though probably only in her 40’s at the time seemed utterly ancient to a seven year old me.

But it appears that boys, even the tiny ones, are Mr. And even though I know it’s his name, there’s still part of me that looks at a letter addressed to Mr Pip Butterflies and has to double take. Mr Pip is a grown up, the teenager who will one day loom over me, and the man that he’s yet to become. Mr is the future, it doesn’t really feel like the present.

I mean, how can someone who looks like this:

Space for the Butterflies - an eclectic handmade family life

Be a Mr?

*NB. Butterflies isn’t actually our surname – wouldn’t it be lovely if it was though, I wonder if anyone actually has it as a surname?