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36 Weeks of a Little Bump and Me


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I’ve been looking back at the photos I took at 34 weeks and trying to convince myself that the baby hasn’t really got that much bigger since the last picture but who am I kidding; random strangers in supermarkets have started coming up to me telling me I look uncomfortable and asking how I’m coping with ‘The Heat’ so I think it’s officially official: the Little Bump and I have made it to huge!

Welcome to the first bump update from maternity leave!  Well technically I’m on holiday for another few weeks and then I kick into maternity leave either as soon as the baby is born, or a couple of days before my due date but it feels like maternity leave, at least between 9 and 5 three days a week when the girls are in nursery.  The rest of the time it’s life as normal.  And having achieved this feat by taking only three days annual leave since Christmas I can tell you I’m craving a little rest.

Technically I was off part of last week as well but as that involved rushing around for family graduations, catching up with old friends, and cheering for H, his brother and sister in law as they ran the Leeds 10k, I’m not sure it counts as relaxing!

So how are we?

Well the Little Bump went to have a kicking and thumping conversation with the midwife this week.  He or she is not only still head down but at the time was starting to engage.  Given that Kitty didn’t engage until pretty late on, and Elma I think only when I was in labour, this is an encouraging sign, although it’s more than likely that he or she will pop in and out a few times over the next few weeks.

My midwife likes to have a bit of a guess at what variety of baby is on its way; she was also my midwife with Elma and she was wrong that time, but only time will tell whether this apparently choo choo train sounding baby is going to even up the stats.  H has a theory that she just guesses boy every time on the basis of being right about half the time but we may never know!  For the record, Kitty, Elma and H all still think girl, and I have absolutely no idea; and don’t mind either way!

By the tape measure of wonder this baby is an estimated 7lb right now (please picture me doing a double take when I waddled into the kitchen just now to consult my kitchen scales and turn the chart weight back into English), which might explain why the supermarket strangers think I’m going to give birth any second, and predicts me a 9lb or more baby at 40 weeks.  I’m thinking fondly of the adorable newborn size baby outfit that I have tucked away in my top drawer waiting to go in the hospital bag, and wondering whether it might just be sensible to add another outfit in the next size up as well.  Alternatively I shall just keep telling myself that tape measuring is an inexact science and can definitely be influenced by how many ice lollies I’ve eaten as well as the baby’s size!

And as for me, well I rather like this bit of pregnancy.  Now that I’ve finished work I can just really focus on the baby, and starting to get things finished off and organised, and of course having my all important afternoon nap.  Each time I’ve gone on maternity leave my blood pressure has dropped by about 10 points at the next midwife appointment (this time it went from 130/60 to 120/60), proof if ever there was that a stressful job has an impact on your physical wellbeing!

It is hot true, but I own a freezer and a stack of ice lollies that used to be almost as big as Elma, I can’t always exactly walk at the end of the day, but that’s what looking pleadingly at your husband is all about, and if sleeping comfortably involves wedging a pillow under the bump, it’s hardly a major problem.

And best of all, H took an extra day off work, ostensibly to help with some sorting out while the girls were in nursery.  When we were expecting Elma we did something similar and went to see Skyfall at the cinema, this time we went to Ikea and bought a new bookcase.  What can I say, we must be getting old!