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Baby Elma Family Kitty {the ordinary moments}

Early morning walks


It may be only just the number starting with a 7 in the morning, but when it’s summer, and it’s light, what more are two tiny and very awake little girls to do but head downstairs to see what adventures might await.  And well, it’s amazing what you can find in Grandma’s garage!

Once upon a time this little pram was Kitty’s sole domain; Elma couldn’t reach anywhere near it, and wasn’t walking, and Kitty herself could only just about manage to see over the top of the hood. But I think Elma has claimed possession, or at least has a most determined grasp on the handlebar, and it’s Kitty passing on the parenting skills, making sure Baby (all of Grandma’s dollies are called Baby) is nice and comfy and well tucked in.

And then of course you need to make sure the hood is set exactly so, just in case the sun gets in Baby’s eyes;

Or stopping to pat Baby’s head; I’m going to hope in a gesture of affection and comfort, more than ‘please just go to sleep now’!

Kitty herself isn’t quite making the grand gesture of sisterly sacrifice that releasing the little pram to Elma might suggest; given that Grandma’s garage also revealed this rather gorgeous contraption.

Pram just doesn’t do it justice; this is a baby carriage of old school proportions brought down to miniature, and Kitty loves it.  She’d happily spend a morning pushing the hood up and down; tucking another Baby in and out of various covers, and she’s even reportedly been spotted pushing her sister around in it for a bit – and with more than enough space to do so!

But what the girls like best is to set off for a little walk together around Grandma and Grandad’s front drive, pushing their babies and chattering away.  Shades of an NCT group outing almost four years ago perhaps!

If this were the only availble evidence, then I’d have to conclude that my little girls look set to be the most mini-mummy, caring, affectionate and baby-centric big sisters that a newborn could ever wish for; and see visions of them fighting to push the pram, stroke his or her head, and generally keep my mothering up to scratch.  And to a degree it might be true – at least in that I know the girls will adore Little Bump, want to give him or her kisses, and then get a bit frustrated when he or she can’t play with them yet, which I think is the definition of a pretty perfect 3 and 1 year old big sister; but I don’t think I’m going to be handing over full parenting responsibilities just yet.  You see after a nice gentle baby walk it seems that we move on to…

Buggy racing;

And chasing;

And pushing down the slope while shouting “Wheeeee!”

I think we might just save all of this excellent exercise for when it’s Baby in the pram, although it has got me wondering whether I should sign the girls up for a Mums and Prams class along with me to get us all out in the fresh air in the autumn!