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Is it summer today?


Back when we first found out that we were expecting the Little Bump we told the girls that the baby would be here at the end of the summer, and as it was at that precise moment almost certainly pelting it down with rain and horribly chilly to boot they seemed happy enough to get their heads around the idea that this baby was a long term project and not something that was going to be happening in the next few days or weeks.

But now that it is summer, in all of its sunshine, and sticky humidity and glorious long light evenings, the possibility of an imminent arrival appears to have occurred to Kitty again.

“Mummy? Is it summer yet?”

“Yes, love.”

“Is Baby Pinky coming today?”

“No love, not today.”

“What about tomorrow?”

“Well tomorrow our friends are coming for a BBQ, so no, not tomorrow.”

“And the day after that?”

“Well that’s the day you go to nursery, and then the days after that we’ll see Gran and Grandad so probably not then either.”


“You know it might be a few more weeks before the baby arrives don’t you?”

“But what about tomorrow?”

I think she might just be a little bit keen to meet this new brother or sister; she’s still adamant that it’s a sister, and going to be called Pinky, and it’s rubbing off on Elma – if you ask Little Miss E who’s in Mummy’s tummy she’ll either say “Baybee; bay bee seesta!” or “Minnie Mou!!!”

But the moments I love and treasure are the spontaneous ones; the time when Kitty insisted that H buy five animal masks in the London Zoo shop because we’d need one for Baby Pinky as well as Mummy, Daddy, Kitty and Elma;

when she tells me off for buying things in fours; when she told me that because I’d had an ice lolly after lunch, the baby had had just a little lick of it, and “she thinks it’s yummy!”;

when she ran into Elma’s room one morning, said hello to her sister and then grabbed my bump with both hands and bellowed, “Good Morning Baby Pinky” at my belly button;

or the time that she ran into a bump update photoshoot, just because she wanted to give the baby a kiss.

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No baby is ever going to be so adored by his or her big sister!

PS – I take my bump photos with a remote trigger on a timer; I’d fired the trigger and it was counting down when Kitty came barrelling in – hence the fact that I’m holding her wrists; I’m trying to stop her hitting the bump full tilt, because that hurst when it’s Elma, let alone Kitty!