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32 Weeks of a Little Bump and Me


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In less than ten weeks I will absolutely definitely be a mother of three. If past history is anything to go by I will also absolutely definitely still have a little bump but one that is largely composed of chocolate and cake rather than baby.

Ten weeks is such a funny time, it feels both a long way away and no time at all, and if I were to put money on it I think I’ll find myself sat here at the end of August thinking “where on earth did that time go?”

It’s a bit like when you book a Save Mummy’s Sanity day off work; you think of a whole day stretching ahead of you, unplanned and uninterrupted, and vaguely familiar from Saturdays and Sundays in the pre-baby era, and you make detailed mental plans about how you’re going to do everything; you’ll whizz through the chores in half the time, process photos in minutes, pour out all the ideas for blog posts that have been tickling your brain, and then settle down to a nutritious but delicious lunch for one after which you’ll knit like the wind, sew up a quilt or two and even get the spinning wheel out. And of course it never quite goes like that because you don’t have a day in it’s fullest sense, you have between 8.30 and 5, and because despite your very best efforts you still have yet to learn to warp the space time continuum, and you make your peace with a little sewing, the stray contents of the fridge for lunch, and the complete neglect of the housework in all areas save for where you’re sitting.

On paper I have somewhere between 7 and 10 weeks to prepare to meet Little Bump. In reality, I have the inside of three days a week once I’m on maternity leave, less the days we already have plans for. Hmm, time to get organised I think.

So how are we?

Well Little Bump is ever growing (please please please let it be in a moving the placenta out of the way sort of way), and wonderfully wiggly. I think he or she is still doing loop the loops and hasn’t settled on one particular way up; there are days when the kicks are coming straight out the top of the bump and I can feel a little knobbly bit that could be a foot or a knee, and days when there’s a nice big solid bit of baby at the top and the wiggles are much lower.

Given that Little Bump seems to really like folding his or herself in two and playing with his or her toes (we had feet over the head at the 12 and 30 week scans) it’s entirely possible for me to have kicks and a head in the same place so your guess is as good as mine. Even at 32 weeks there’s still plenty of time and space for a baby to turn (and turn and turn) so right now the presentation is no more than idle curiosity on my part.

As for me, well I’m trying really hard not to get too stressed out by work. I’ve got just over two weeks to go, but in reality that’s seven actual working days not including today and I’m getting to the point where I really ought to stop working and start preparing to handover, only we all seem to be in complete denial that I’m actually going, and rather than winding down I’m getting busier. Hence the panic.

When I finished work when I was expecting Kitty I vividly remember spending the last afternoon manically dictating all thoughts on a particular case with one hand while throwing the contents of my desk into a document box with the other and trust me it’s not the way to do it. I hate doing things badly, and I’d hate to leave someone with a bit of a mess so I’m going to have to be ridiculously organised to get it all done.

Aside from work I’m doing well; I feel like the size of a house, especially when I’m trying to squeeze through gaps in crowds or between chairs (that bit of Britmums made life very interesting), and my possible clothing options keep shrinking as I keep finding that even some of my maternity clothes don’t fit any more.

In the last fortnight I’ve started to have a few more episodes of pregnancy insomnia (if you ever get a blog comment or an Instagram from me at 4am that would be why) and the heat can puff up my fingers and toes into little sausages at a moment’s notice but they’re a small price to pay, and the quiet in the early dawn is really rather lovely and very handy for getting a little embroidery done!

The blankie is at two and a bit repeats and I’ll admit one of the things I’m going to spend one of my first maternity leave days doing is sitting and knitting uninterrupted for a whole day – utter luxury!