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18 weeks of a Little Bump and Me


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I’ve always thought that 18 weeks is a bit of a funny in between stage. I mean it’s been five weeks since the dating scan, and a couple of weeks since I saw my midwife, and yet it’s still a couple of weeks until the next big milestone and the anatomy scan. It feels like something should be happening, after all, we’re growing another human over year, and yet for the most part life potters on as normal.

I know in two weeks I’ll be thinking “how are we 20 weeks already?” But for now there’s a sort of limbo feeling.

So how are we?

Well the 16 week midwife appointment was great. It happened to be on one of my working days so I got to go all by myself while the big-sisters-to-be did whatever it is they exhaust themselves with at nursery. All the usual checks and measures on me were what they should be, including a lovely low blood pressure (which may or may not have anything to do with the lack of an entourage!), and then we got to have a little listen in on Little Bump.

Well I couldn’t tell you whether it sounded like a galloping horse, a train or a Tardis, but it was, as always, music to my ears. I was chatting to Sue about the theory and she mentioned that there’s an additional old wives tale that correlates the heart rate to gender. Little Bump, at about 135 bpm is keeping his or her secrets – pretty much spot on the cross over, and a lovely thumpy heart beat regardless.

Right now Little Bump is about the size of a bell pepper, which is definitely a promotion from an avocado in my book (I’ve never been wild about avocados), and while it’s still very very tiny for a baby and we’ve lots of growing still to do, actually feels quite big to visualise. When you think that in 18 weeks we’ve gone from something microscopic to something the size of a pepper the speed rather blows your mind, and after seemingly endless weeks of the baby being the size of your fingernail or the top of your thumb, it’s great to have entered the vegetable comparison stages! (Or is a bell pepper a fruit?)

The bump is rather considerably larger than a bell pepper as you see. It’s only really in taking these pictures that I notice the week on week changes, it doesn’t feel that different to me to last week or the week before, although when I give H a hug I can feel that it’s my tummy that hits him first, and there doesn’t seem to be any doubt now that it’s baby bump and not a surfeit of cake.

I’m mostly tired, which is perhaps the inevitable combination of an energetic Kitty, an Elma who believes that the middle of the night is the best time to be really really wide awake and the Little Bump. Most of the time it’s OK but there have been a couple of evenings where I’m less clear about whether I lay down on the sofa for a little snooze, or just passed out in a complete inability to keep my eyes open any longer. I’m still waiting for the elusive second trimester energy burst but as I’ve not experienced it in any of my previous pregnancies either I’m beginning to think it’s just a myth to get you through the morning sickness. Speaking of which, my cravings for jelly babies have been most decidedly cured – and that is all we shall say of that!

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks as we get closer to the scan the little ‘maybe that was a wiggle’ movements will become more and more kick-like as Little Bump grows and grows, and then I’m really looking forward to another chance to have a peek at his or her face.