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16 Weeks of a Little Bump and Me


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First of all a massive thank you for all of your congratulations; I’m so thrilled to finally share the news, and now I don’t have to strategically position a small child in front of my tummy in photos! I feel like there’s so much catching up to do, all the thoughts and hopes and worries that have been swirling in my head since we found out but we’ll save that for another day, because right now Little Bump and I have made it to 16 weeks!

I’ve written more than once about how time passes so much more quickly with Elma than it did with Kitty; it was true for her first year and true for her pregnancy too. I remember the gaps between my 12 week scan, my 16 week midwife appointment and the 20 week scan absolutely dragging when I was expecting Kitty, they passed pretty quickly with Elma, and they’re racing along with Little Bump, it feels like we’ve blinked and made it to 16 weeks. 2010 me would be very jealous.

So how are we doing? Well Little Bump is presumable happy doing his or her thing. He or she is about four or five inches long, about the size of an avocado and growing like a fiend.

I’m certain that I’ve felt a few wiggles and at least one tiny kick but not with any great regularity; some days it feels like there’s definitely a bit of movement and then they’ll be a few days with nothing at all. I’m not worried though, just enjoying them when they come and looking forward to a few weeks time when they’ll be proper stompy little thumps.

This week I’ve got my 16 week midwife appointment and a chance to have a listen in to Little Bump’s heartbeat – there’s an old wives’ tale that says if it sounds like a train it’s a boy, and a galloping horse means a girl. In one of my appointments when I was expecting Elma I asked H what he thought, train or horse? His answer:


And as for me, well I’m tired, but that could be as much to do with Elma’s new molars as pregnancy. I’m mostly over the morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness which is such a relief, and the house is very gradually returning to a slightly improved level of cleanliness now that I don’t crash out on the sofa at 8 o’clock each night!

I’m on the cusp of going from looking merely plump to there actually being a bump too; I’m mostly wearing maternity clothes now, with a few of my more forgiving ordinary clothes, and it’s so much more comfortable! My bump seems to get bigger as the day goes on so I’m pretty sure some of it is my lunch; every now and then I worry that it’s all lunch (or the cumulative effects thereof) but there’s a certain solidity that reassures me that Little Bump is a contributing factor too, and two scans so far say there’s definitely a baby in there (and yes, just the one!).

So here we are at the sort of start of our adventure and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.  I know that sometimes there are times in life when reading about someone else’s pregnancy is just really hard and a reminder of hopes and dreams that will not come to pass, or of dreams loved and lost, and the last thing I want to do is rub salt in anyone’s wounds. But at the same time if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it is that life is unexpected and you have to grab your happiness with both hands and celebrate it, which is why to me it makes sense to share our joy at this new little one, and joy we have in abundance!