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Kids’ Clothing Week – Autumn 2013


Space for the Butterflies - Kids Clothes Week - Autumn 2013

I have a vision of a little outfit for Elma for this winter.  Soft cosy trousers, a little flowery blouse and the warmest of warm and snuggly baby cardigans ever knitted by a mama.

It is, I will admit, rather heavily influenced by pressing my nose up against the windows of the Bonpoint outlet in Bicester Village, but what are sewing and knitting skills for but to admire the gorgeous gorgeous baby clothes within, and then go home and recreate them.

So while I didn’t officially sign up to Kids’ Clothes Week last week as dedicating an hour each day to sewing for the girls was only going to come at the expense of some rather valuable sleep, I did use it as a little motivator to start to turn my vision into reality.

The fabric arrived in record time, a Liberty print (Betsy) from Shaukat that arrived less than 24 hours after I ordered it, and a gorgeous soft blue cord from Truro Fabrics that appeared the day after.  You can’t fault customer service like that.

It took me a whole Downton, (minus the ad breaks) and some to pin and cut out all of the pattern pieces but now there’s a pile of fabric and greaseproof paper sitting at the end of the ironing board emitting an enticing rustle every time I brush past.

Space for the Butterflies - Kids Clothes Week - Autumn 2013

And you can’t just leave Liberty print sitting there now can you.  The Betsy print is going to be a blouse for Elma as well as the lining to her new cord trousers, and for reasons largely related to sewing machine bobbin threading and my general laziness when it comes to colour changes, I’m starting with the trews.  Well that an a somewhat futile hope that at least if I sew it up the cordrouy will stop shedding all over the rest of the laundry.

So in a whole week, dedicated to clothing my lovely duo I’ve managed to … sew the blue cord trousers, sew the Betsy print trousers, and last night I even joined the two together.  It’s slow clothing at it’s very truest.

Space for the Butterflies - Kids Clothes Week - Autumn 2013

But, just like knitting, sewing is all about cumulative action; if I can find the time to sew just one seam, that’s one seam closer to my seam ripper and/or a finished pair of trousers.  When you see on the Flickr group just how much some other people can accomplish in a few days, my few seams don’t seem like very much at all, but as long as I finish before Elma grows out of this size I’m not bothered in the least.

I want to finish don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to giving my girl an extra special snuggly hug in her new soon-to-be-clothes, but right now I’m just enjoying the making.  There’s something so very calming and restorative to my soul about sitting and sewing, letting my mind wander a little over the day and the week to come.  A creative multi vitamin in Liberty print – what could be better?

(Aside from the obvious answer of more Liberty print!)







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  • Katie 30/10/2013 at 8:43 pm

    They look gorgeous – you are so clever! I have a sewing machine and have made bunting and curtains… but they are very, very wonky 🙂

    • Carie 30/10/2013 at 11:01 pm

      It’s easier than it looks I promise – I think I find sewing tiny people clothes easier than trying to make impossible points match up on a quilt!