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I’m good at keeping secrets. The job-that-requires-a-suit also requires a pretty good poker face, and although I’m abominably bad at lying, I can keep things under wraps with the best of them.  But some secrets are just so wonderful that you have to sit on your hands to stop your fingers blurting it all over the internets.

The extraordinarily talented combination of Kat Molesworth and Kat Goldin, had a plan.  And where as with the rest of us the plan goes on a maybe someday sort of a list, these ladies have serious drive and determination, and they’re making it happen.

Not content with showing us how to take beautiful photos (and I can’t recommend Capturing Childhood highly enough), they decided to put together something in the way of a little all round inspiration.

Just a little blogging conference, full of inspiration and creativity.

At the Royal Institution (yes, the place where they have the Christmas lectures).

When I first heard about it I may actually have said “eeeeeep!”

But now the secret is loose upon the world; the 9th and 10th May 2014 is going to be




Launched in a virtual party of streamers and chocolate on Twitter under #blogtacular.

I may perhaps be just a little bit overexcited.  Sort of this excited:



and then a little bit more.

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