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A very lazy sort of Sunday had given way to a late Sunday lunch and therefore a late Sunday tea, so we were still out in the garden as the sun started to drift down.  Elma and I were lying in a big nest of quilts, surrounded by stuffies and her stacking cups, while H and Kitty performed the disappearing handkerchief trick, the latter’s version of which is to hurriedly stuff the hankie up her t-shirt and shout “It’s gone!” with a mixture of awe and steely determination.  If she could make it vanish by willpower alone it wouldn’t be seen this side of Christmas.

H went in to put the oven on for supper and reset a few tricks and Kitty, who’d been pottering around in her princess froofy twirly party skirt and Hello Kitty wellies for most of the day, thanks to a little over indulgence in the matter of the telly and Sofia the First, hopped up onto her trampoline.

And I grabbed the camera, rolled over, and pressed the shutter.






Kitty and the trampoline

If there’s one perk about the nights starting to draw in, and the annual farewell to long late summer’s evenings, it’s that the gorgeous light that comes just before dusk, also now comes just before small girl bedtime.  It makes it very easy to take photos that don’t need anything more than a little cropping, and that’s all these have.

I freely admit that I use Lightroom to tweak most of my photos.  They aren’t massive adjustments; I’m not adding things that aren’t there, and while I’ve been known to turn random strangers in the background into trees, I’m not into giving myself a face lift.  It’s mostly a question of fine tuning the exposure or the colour, or a little bit of sharpening, to bring the image on the screen as close as possible to the memory in my head.

But when every once in a while a picture pops up in the import box that I know I don’t need to touch, it feels so great to be as clever as my camera – for once.  Although I suspect it’s more a matter of luck.  Luck that the settings I’d left it on were suited to the evening sunlight, luck that the trampoline was positioned just to one side of the light so that she has a lovely halo around her without loosing her smiles into shadows, and more than anything, luck that she stayed bouncing long enough for me to take a photo.

She is so utterly absorbed in her bouncing, and so happy with it, I think they may be some of my favourite Kitty pictures of late, and they’re definitely going in the “print me” folder.