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The Third Week That Was – According to Instagram


This was the week that a thunderclap reverberating above our heads woke us up, the alarm clock mysterious stopped working and left us asleep, and two tiny girls ran and wiggled around us in circles leaving their parents blissfully exhausted.

The week that we were …


Blog post: The Second Week that Was – According to Instagram
… munching strawberries at H’s cricket match on a hazy hot afternoon just to make sure that we’d really nailed the national stereotyping. It clearly added the necessary oomph to the ancient English rain dance and the thunderstorm forecast started to roll in.



… scurrying through our chores to get to the splash pad before the storms. I’d forgotten that the school holidays had started and it was heaving. But Kitty splashed straight into the fray, rolling in the cool water and chasing in and out of the fountains. Back at home we pulled out some of Kitty’s older toys for Elma, to her very great delight.





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… waking up to crashes and grumbles overhead as the heavens were ripped up by passing storms. The cloud bursts that followed were just about enough to float the ducks on the patio (I knew I shouldn’t have cleaned the drainage), and Kit and I cast all common sense to the wind, and ran around in the rain for a little while. After the initial shock of getting wet it was actually really lovely to feel cool again after a week in the heat.




Blog post: Vive la Liberty

… playing with scissors. With Elma’s second dress finished at the weekend, it was high time that Kitty got a little Mama-made something so I pulled out a length of cotton earmarked for her at least two years ago and spent a happy afternoon in the studio tracing, pinning and cutting out, with Elma boinging away in her bouncer beside me. I chat to her, tell her what we’re doing and how it will all fit together, and ask her if she thinks Kitty will like it, and she babbles back to me; tales of the butterfly, elephant and monkey that live on her bouncer perhaps.




Blog post: Sandy Toes

… painting, cutting, sticking, baking and, if you’ll forgive the invention of a word, glittering. While Elma napped, Kitty and I made a batch of salt dough with a handful of silver glitter thrown in for good measure and brought out the seashells from Devon to press into the dough. And while that hardened in the oven we broke out the paints to start a porthole picture.

The tablecloth, already on its last legs from a combination of toddler use and some over enthusiastic rotary cutting by a family member who shall remain nameless, turned up its polka dotted toes at the latest onslaught of paint and a little shopping expedition, and a metre and a half of oil cloth later found us the proud new owners of its near relation, a wedgewood blue tablecloth, also with polka dots.




Blog post: {this moment}

… meeting friends in the park to play, chat and test out a new to us splash pool. While not quite as big as our usual pool, I think it’s a better kept secret so it might be somewhere different to try out during the school holidays.

Both girls were exhausted by the end of the day – but only one of them was interested in actually going to sleep!




Blog post: Early in the morning, down at the station

… eating waffles and raspberries for breakfast in the sunshine. H’s parents gave me the waffle maker many many Christmases ago, long before even Kitty was born, and I love it for being gloriously cheesy (in aesthetic rather than taste although I’m sure waffles could be cheese flavoured if you really wanted). Kitty, an intermittently devoted Minnie Mouse fan, thinks that this could be just about the most exciting thing she’s ever had for breakfast – what better way to start the day!


As in previous weeks, I’m joining in with Hannah over at Make, Do and Push so do go and say hi and see what else this week had in store.

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  • Hannah 28/07/2013 at 6:59 pm

    Oh wow! Those waffles are amazing!!! I think breakfast would be far more exciting with a waffle maker 😉

    I’d love to see a photo of the dresses you’ve made! I’ve been meaning to make one for Busby, but am terrified of it going horribly wrong…

    Thanks so much for linking up again 🙂 Hope to see you next week xxx

  • MrsShilts 28/07/2013 at 9:55 pm

    I cannot wait to dance in the rain with Little Mr. Love the photo of the ducks on the patio, got to love the great British weather!

  • Tea cake and my boy 29/07/2013 at 9:57 pm

    Lovely pictures and love the fabric!xx

  • Amanda 31/07/2013 at 9:56 pm

    Such a lovely week of photos, loving the ducks in the rain!

    • Carie 01/08/2013 at 12:55 am

      Thank you – we had so much fun trying to make them float!