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Once upon a time …


A boy met a girl.

They fell in love.

They almost got engaged on The Beach in Thailand.

But didn’t because it was rubbish (I’m quoting the groom’s speech here)

Somewhere much prettier in Thailand the boy asked, and the girl said yes.

And a couple of weeks ago in the Cotswolds we went to celebrate the start of their happily every after:

 PicMonkey Collage-2PicMonkey Collage4-2PicMonkey Collage2-2PicMonkey Collage3-2  PicMonkey Collage6-2 wedding

It was a wonderful wedding.  Relaxed and friendly and full of good food, good company and good cheer.  Oh and the ice cream van outside the church was a truly inspired idea (in a somewhat related point, Cookies and Cream ice-cream was a delicious compromise between Kitty wanting chocolate ice-cream and my uphill battle to keep that dress mostly smudge free at least until we reached the reception).

But once we got there it was the perfect place to toast the happy couple with a little glass of something fizzy while Kitty was in her element, running, dancing, making new friends, and cultivating her shoe habit.  Elma was her happy smiley self, taking full advantage of all the cuddles on offer, and frequently discovered making a whole ream of H’s friends very broody.

We finally peeled Kitty away from chasing twinkly lights around the dance floor as dusk settled, and they both snuggled down contentedly exhausted.

Which was just as well.  Both bride and groom are friends from H’s hockey club, and so after the groom was reunited with the contents of his wardrobe (which had mysteriously materialised under the best man’s bed overnight), and Kitty mounted a one-girl challenge on every available breakfast option, we all headed down the road to the local senior school for the hockey match of the season: Bride v Groom

PicMonkey Collage7-2

It was unconventional to say the least; 13 a side at a minimum, and at last, long last, no one said “Stop! Come Back!” when a rather diminutive player took to the pitch – Kitty couldn’t quite believe her luck.

PicMonkey Collage8-2

But then again, she wasn’t exactly the smallest player fielded by Team Groom.  And as they were victorious, perhaps we shouldn’t be pulling her or the puppies off the field quite so often next season.