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Elma Exploring Family Kitty

Today we have …


~ eaten home grown organic-by-neglect strawberries warm and fresh from the veggie garden;

~ blown bubbles and watched them drift away on the breeze, up over the fence and hopefully not straight into the neighbours’ laundry;

~ read library books lying on a rapidly fading quilt in the garden;

~ gone to the doctors and written on a paper for a ‘pill, pill, pill’ to the appropriate narrative sung by a very enthusiastic Kitty;

Kitty splashing

~ spent a couple of hours at the splash pools, getting braver with every visit;

~ snuggled up to be dried off;




~ chattered at the world as it smiled by;

~ climbed to the top of the tallest tower to play at being an ice-cream shop (Devon may have rubbed off just a little bit);

Kitty at the playpark

~ played a rousing game of “my hockey”, a Kitty invention that somehow melds golf, hockey and rugby – we use toddler plastic golf clubs to pass a mini football a la “Daddy hockey” until the crucial and entirely unpredictable moment at which you have to throw yourself onto the ball and score a try;

~ sat under a tree for stories and biscuits;

~ chased out a ginger cat that climbed in through our landing window (that’s 1.5 stories high);

~ piled onto Daddy for more stories while supper was cooking; and

~ entirely neglected the housework.