I’m going to BritMums…


In a few weeks time H and I are turning 33, and I’ve got great plans.  He may have to go to work, and Kitty might be at nursery, but Elma and I are off on an expedition!  An expedition to London!!  An expedition to The Brewery to hear Kirstie Allsop give the Friday keynote at Britmums!!! Only this level of excitement can justify such shameless abuse of exclamation marks; if you could hear me in real life I start to sound slightly squeaky when I think about it.

But, and this is only a little but, I’m a bit nervous.  I am by nature rather reserved among strangers.  I mean I’m an incorrigible chatterbox with people I know, or on paper clearly, but at big events like these I sometimes feel like I’ve flashed back to school, floating on the edges and unwilling to break into what seem from the outside to be cliques of lifelong bosom buddies.

So in the spirit of making a few friends and not spending the entire day narrating to a six month old, this is our hi and hello for the BritMums linky:

Names: Carie and Elma

Blog: Space for the Butterflies

Twitter ID: CariemayMakes

Height: 6’0″ (you really won’t miss me) and 26.5″ as of this evening

Hair: long dark brown (me) and a little dark brown fluff on Elma

Eyes: Hazel and grey-blue

Is this your first blogging conference? Not for either of us, Elma was a bump at BlogCamp Birmingham and BritMums last year and incredibly giggly at BlogSummit earlier in the year.

Are you attending both days? Yes, small children not withstanding.

What are you most looking forward too at BritMums Live 2013? Did I mention I was slightly excited about hearing Kirstie Allsop? Mostly it’s spending a couple of days enjoying the camaraderie of hoards of people who get why and how I write, and learning some technical tips. Elma says “he hee hee! A ha!” so I think she’s planning world domination (again).

What are you wearing? I’m going to optimistically go for ‘something clean’, and the same for Elma.  If we can both make it to registration without either of us being covered with a little baby surplus I’ll consider it a personal triumph.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2013? Inspiration, more technical knowledge about the nitty grit of ‘make blog go’, and the chance to put faces to the internets. Elma would like to collect your smiles.

Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows: Well I already said that it’s H and my birthday, but it’s our joint 33rd birthday, we were born about 4 hours and a hundred or so miles apart, and as for Elma, well her six months have been recorded in detail so there’s little that you don’t know.

So if you too are feeling a little wallflower-like, come and say hi to us.



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  • Alison Rothwell 21/06/2013 at 9:01 am

    Loved reading your post! I’m really looking forward to BritMums Live – sure you are too – looks like it will be a great event.
    if you see me wandering around please say hello as I’d love to meet you IRL 🙂

    Best wishes