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Me and Mine: a family portrait for June


All it took was one little blog post. One little blog post called Me and Mine. The idea is simple, post a family portrait once a month. But it wasn’t until I started flipping through the thousands of photos on my hard drive looking for a shot to join in that I realised how few pictures of the four of us I actually have. I’ve got pictures taken on the beach last September (H, Kitty, me and the bump that became Elma), pictures of the new foursome plus Grandpa taken in December, and pictures of two sisters and their families taken to celebrate my nephew’s arrival in April.

And that’s it. The rest of the folders have shots of Kitty, Elma, Kitty and Elma, a few with H, and an even slighter smattering with me in on one of those rare occasions when I hand the camera off to someone else and they manage to get us in focus.

I know that, assuming I work out how to back up WordPress, the girls will always have my words to tell our story, but I don’t want to write myself out of the pictures either. I love that if I consciously focus on taking at least one portrait of all of us each month we’ll be able to look back and see the gradual changes, the subtle shifting of baby to toddler and toddler to little girl, and maybe eventually little girl to young woman.

The everyday ordinary tells so much more of the story than a photo taken to mark a special occasion or a once a year (Christmas, I’m looking at you), although there’s no chance that the camera isn’t coming out then either. It might seem a little strange to start now, after all the very talented group of Mummies who dreamt this up are half way through their year, but there’s a strong element of “if you don’t start now, when are you going to start?”, and also, it’s June.

June, our birthday month, the start of our year of being 33. So here’s my commitment to the plan; a family photo each month for our year of 33. And on the basis that if you do things 10 times it becomes a habit, it should be second nature by March.

So with all that in mind, when we packed bathers, quilts and chocolate biscuits for an afternoon at the park earlier this week, I added the remote trigger to my camera bag, and Kitty’s blue stripy sandcastle bucket as a stand in tripod.

This is my favourite,

Me and Mine; June

Kitty’s beautiful smile, me in a scruffy old t-shirt, Elma not quite sure what to make of all the giggly goings on around her, and H doting on his girls. I think that pretty much sums up June in a nutshell.

But I couldn’t not post these:

me and mine June

June family portrait

Only time will tell whether July will make us any more adult; on the current evidence advancing years appear to be having no impact whatsoever!

dear beautiful