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Crochet Giveaway

One of these things is not like the other (and a giveaway)


Crochet at Play twice

One of them is my signed copy of Kat’s book, won as part of a fabulous prize in Kat’s competition that will rocket me to Mama of the Year as far as Kitty is concerned, just as soon as I locate my 9mm hook and start to wrangle with the octopus pattern; and the other is the copy that I impatiently waited for Amazon to deliver, devoured in one sitting, pillaged the stash to find the yarn for a project, and used to make Elma the softest little baby wrap imaginable.

They have both made me very happy.  But even if Kitty and Elma suddenly develop preternatural skills at crochet, I don’t need two books, and so, in the interests of spreading a little joy across the internets, I’d like to find my original copy a good home.

We’re going lo-tech on this one; to enter the giveaway just leave me a comment telling me your dream crafty day.  We’ll assume that all small children are being entertained/educated/over-sugared by loving friends and family, and that magic elves have cleaned the house, including any necessary pre-tidying of your crafty space, leaving you with an entire day to dedicate to doing exactly as you please; what would you like to do?

I think I’d have to make a cake (essential sustenance for later), then pull out my spinning wheel (sadly neglected since Kitty decided it was the most exciting thing she’d ever seen and could not be persuaded not to attempt to put tiny fingers between the spokes) and a good audiobook. I’d pull out the sewing machine for the afternoon and either do a little piecing on the latest quilt or start another dress for Elma, before heading out into the evening sunshine with the camera to take pictures with time to stand and stare.  And finally, as the day drew to a close, I’d curl up on the couch with a good chunk of cake, an old familiar film, and a little simple knitting in a beautiful yarn.  And if I stayed awake before the opening credits finished rolling I’d consider it a serious achievement!

But enough from me, the floor is now open.  I’ll close the comments next Monday (17th June) and let the random number generator decide the winner.