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Giggles from Blog Summit


I think that one of these days Elma is going to turn out to be a blogger. Never in the history of the Internet has anyone found a session on migrating your blog to self hosting quite as hilariously funny as my tiny girl did on Saturday.

Leaving Kitty and H deconstructing the lawnmower in their pyjamas, Elma and I headed for the Tots 100 Birmingham Blog Summit.

I’ve never yet mastered the art of going to all the sessions at once, although I suppose with a bit of forward planning I could have done something clever with Elma and a baby monitor; she was certainly in her element with all these lovely smiley people to smile back at.

But as I can’t clone myself at will (yet), and I certainly can’t do justice to the veritable deluge of inspiration and useful information from Saturday, I’ll have to suffice with recording the top five little moments that, for me, capture the essence of Blog Summit:

1 ~ playing in the photo booth with the adorable and incredibly well behaved blog summit babies; Elma, Little Miss LL of Mummy Daddy and Me and Beautiful Girl of Dear Beautiful Boy. I think the girls mostly looked confused as to why their mamas were sporting bunny ears, oversized sunglasses and my own personal tribute to Kitty, Minnie Mouse Ears, and Elma was certainly rather too interested in chewing her lei.

2 – spending an entire day immersed in talking about writing, photography, my babies and all things blogging, without feeling as if I really should be doing the washing up, or some sort of cleaning.  I met the faces behind some of the blogs I read and twitters I follow, and met many wonderful new to me writers.

3 – taking a food photography class from John Arnold. I learnt so much from this class about lighting and styling that I suspect applies to any sort of still life photography, whether edible or slightly more fluffy and sock-like.  I just hope everyone else in the class got as much out of it as I’m afraid my younger daughter was mounting a serious charm offensive on the fellow residents of the back row; first we had smiles, then gentle coos, and then all out squeaky giggles, just to make sure.

4 ~ being inspired and energised by Andy Cole’s talk. I’m pleased to report that I woke up this morning with excellent teeth and perfectly functioning kidneys. I also love the fact that that makes absolutely no sense to anyone who wasn’t there or hasn’t read his book.

5 ~ coming home to a happily shattered husband and a small daughter who wanted nothing more than to curl up in my lap and tell me all about the wonderful day she’d had with her Daddy.  I phoned them as I was leaving Birmingham and Kitty was just desperate to tell me that she was at the playpark and had been on the roundabout.  I speak to her on the phone so rarely, and certainly the last time was before her language really took off, I had no idea how heart meltingly cute it is now that it’s mostly words.

But the last word must go to Elma (with apologies to the Tots 100 team for calling it Blog Camp – oops):

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