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Once a monkey always a monkey (4KCBWDAY1)

It’s Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2013, and while the pervasive intervention of real life means that I’m nowhere near as prepared as I’d have like to have been, I’m more than happy to spend a week chatting about all sorts of lovely fibery things, so in an entirely characteristic move I’m diving in feet first and we’ll just have to see where it takes us.
So for challenge number one, it’s time to sort the Manatees from the Peacocks in The House Cup (think Harry Potter and the sorting hat).
I’ve always considered myself somewhere in the grey area between an all out process knitter and a product knitter; I’m unlikely to knit anything that I wouldn’t wear, use, or gift, just because of it’s construction, and I think that my pathological reluctance to swatch if I can possibly avoid it would make me a square peg in the process knitter round hole.  But then in the same breath I couldn’t knit acres of stockinette just for the product, and my reaction to a pattern I love is always “I want to knit that”, not “I want to wrap up in that”. 
At the end of the day, like most of us I suppose, if I’m going to spend my time and pocket money, I need the whole package, beautiful yarn, engaging stitches and a sensational finished product; life’s far too short for unloveable knitting.
I think I could just about claim that I’m project monogamous within each craft, so long as we entirely overlook the single sock that’s been lurking at the bottom of the knitting bag for at least the last three years.  At the moment I’ve got one pair of socks on the needles, one baby cardigan ready to cast on, three knitting designs rampaging round my brain and niggling at me, a just finished quilt, the just finished Wrap Around crochet shawl, a cross stitch cushion for Kitty that I haven’t touched since before her second birthday, and half an embroidered Christmas cottage ornament.  I|t’s all one at a time, sort of.  And that’s before we count the projects queued up in my cupboard, or my head.  Which we most emphatically don’t.  I may have made plans for them, but for now they count as stash (unless and until anyone challenges me to declare the size of my stash in which case they’re definitely projects of course – I know, once a lawyer, always a lawyer).
So where do you classify someone whose reaction to seeing or dreaming up something beautiful is usually:
“I want to make that; I’m sure I can figure it out.”?
I read through the options (Bee, Manatee, Monkey or Peacock), I read them to H, we turned to each other and with one breath, said


With perhaps an undertone of Manatee.
The Monkey house prefect it seems would be a challenge junkie, always looking for something new and interesting.  While not every project I knit or crochet expands my skills, I can’t deny that that rings a little true.  My project list includes intarsia, stranded colourwork, steeking, traditional fairisle, double handed knitting, Bohus knitting, lace, beading, entrelac and short row shaping.  I’ve played with different increases and decreases, cast ons and offs and all sorts of ways to sculpt fabric (Baby Surprise Jacket I’m looking at you), and my biggest design challenge seems to be resisting the overwhelming desire to put everything I can think of into one pattern and thereby render it unknitterably complicated. (and yes I think I may have invented a new word there).
I’ll claim a little underlying Manatee because I do have a soft spot for a pair of vanilla socks for a little soothing knitting to restore serentity and regroup after a long day; plus you always need something to knit if you’re going to have to pay attention to a good film; but if the cap fits…
So which house are you? Eskimimi’s four houses are here, (as well as a poll to see how many compatriots you have).

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