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Wild knitting (4KCBWDAY2)


Day two? Why don’t we try for part 2 instead? I swear overly optimistic is written through me like a stick of rock. But I love the blog topics suggested so I’m just going to have to have a Knitting and crochet blog week month instead.

Day 2: A Mascot Project

In the corner of my stash cupboard in the room that was once my sewing room there is a box. A nice sturdy brown cardboard box. With Swedish post labels and an address that bears my name. Nestled inside are skeins of beautiful fluffy angora wool mix, some in dark sage, flame orange, rosy pink and the brilliant green of tiny newborn leaves popping out of the knarly branches of an apple tree welcoming spring.

It’s a kit. A Bohus kit for the Wild Apples jumper and it represents both the pinnacle of my knitting aspirations and the very essence of a typical Monkey knitter project. I mean, 10 colours in one row, it’s a monkey if ever I saw one.

So why is it still sat in its box, its skeins unwound, its pattern instructions crisp and fresh, free from the inevitable dog ears and knitterly scribbles? Well for one thing I have yet to see what the combined effects of two pregnancies and nursing will ultimately do to my figure. I don’t mind the changes to my body per se, but if I’m going to put all that effort in I’d like it fit for more than a few weeks, and a jumper is less forgiving than a cardie. But really the reason is that I want time. I want to relish every stitch of this knit, to take my time. It’s going to be the epitome of slow knitting.

If I were to start it now I don’t doubt that I would enjoy it, but with relatively little crafty time at the moment I think I’d miss the satisfaction of finishing something that stays finished (unlike laundry, washing up and tidy clean houses, to name but a few). So I’m making cute little baby jumpers and socks, trying my hand at tiny girl dressmaking, and wrapping my family up in quilts and feeding them cake.

When I open the stash cupboard to try to squeeze a few escaping skeins back where they belong I can see that box on the shelf. For now at least, it’s enough to know it’s there.