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Old wives knew a thing or two

For the most part I take old wives’ tales with a hefty pinch of salt.  In the course of two pregnancies that have both gone a fair way past their due dates I’ve tried just about everything to induce labour, only stopping short of anything involving the ingestion of copious amounts of cod liver oil.  For the record, the only one that I consider has any impact was acupuncture, although the glass of champagne was very nice.
One theory suggests that babies don’t come until their knitting is ready for them, and it’s true that I’ve always finished the knits before either of my tiny girls made an appearance, although I’ll freely accept that babies that take their time do give their Mamas more time to finish, so the data, whilst supportive, might not actually be evidence.
However, old wives’ tale or not, no one wants to be the reason why some poor Mama-to-be is sat watching endless repeats of bad afternoon telly, waiting and waiting and waiting for a sign that things might be getting going, so when a baby I was knitting for showed all the signs of taking a little time to be persuaded into making an appearance, I wasn’t going to take any chances.
I cast on. I knit while my own snuggly baby kicked and wriggled in my lap, or snoozed in her Moses basket beside me, I knit while Kitty and H watched Mulan (again), and I knit while my lovely daughter single handedly exhausted my parents-in-law.
I cast off at 11.39pm on Good Friday.
And at 4.47am on Easter Saturday I became an Auntie, and more importantly, my little sister became Mama to a teeny tiny adorable baby boy.


Who says old wives’ tales are all hokum?
We visited the newest addition to the family last weekend and introduced tiny nephew to his cousins. 


At 7lb 4oz he’s less than half the size of Elma, who currently clocks in at a bonny 15lb 1oz, and smaller than either of the girls have ever been, with a cute little nose, long fingers, a dusting of silky brown hair, and really long feet!
Kitty thought he was very interesting; and promptly tried to give him all the toys, but was easily distracted by persuading (and by persuading, I of course mean demanding) her uncle to read all of the story books.  Several times over. 
Elma took a long look at her little cousin when they were laid down together for a moment, and then turned to gaze back at me with an expression that suggested utter astonishment at the existence of another person smaller than herself. 

The young man himself mostly slept.


And the knitting? Well it’s no surprise that it’s another Baby Surprise Jacket.  I love this pattern; it’s fun to knit (and quick) and a really practical baby cardie. 


It’s not self striping yarn this time; I put together five different colours of DK yarn, mostly Baby Cashmerino with a dark teal Rowan Wool Cotton, and a red Sublime DK, and changed colour as and when I thought it looked good, and entirely at random.  It’s definitely a perk of the pattern that you don’t need to remember your stripes to be able to repeat them later.

It’s warm, snuggly, and the perfect way to say:


your Auntie Carie loves you lots.