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Technically it’s still Easter week right? At least, it is if I manage to finish typing, do some sort of vague approximation of proof reading, and press the all important publish button before the clock ticks over into next week.

Anyway, regardless of day or month it’s still time to jot down a little taste of our Easter celebrations.

We headed north last week, ostensibly to surprise my lovely mother in law for her birthday that day.  My father in law can usually be relied upon to do something which even if it doesn’t exactly give the game away, rather suggests that something is up, but this time he’d excelled himself, and her momentary confusion as to why he’d bought enough bacon, sausages and eggs to feed an army was simply attributed to pre-Easter shopping.  We rocked up as evening turns to night, and snuck Kitty through the front door where her delighted shouts of “Grandma! Grandma house!”, were matched only by Grandma’s expression of joyful shock.

I love it when a plan comes off like that.

And that’s the last I saw of my eldest daughter until we packed up the car to head home.  Well not quite, but when you see Mama every day she’s really very ordinary compared to the fun of Grandma and Grandad, who elevate even the most ordinary of supermarket trips to something really exciting and are easily persuaded into presenting you with chocolate bunnies and even a “maggie-een”.

It helps that I suspect my mother in law has never thrown away any of her three children’s toys.  Every major childhood craze from the 80’s can be found in her loft (it’s a big loft), save for the few that we’ve liberated to our house.  A little bit of careful unpacking and Kitty had the pick of a Tomy electric train set, two dollies with pram, cot and bath, and her Auntie’s Sylvanian families’ house, complete with extensive clans of bunnies and foxes.  She was in seventh heaven.

But nothing compared to Grandma’s grown up doll’s house, meticulously decorated over many years and hopefully only slightly put into disarray by Kit.



And of course having surprised one relative, we saw no reason to stop.  The last time we went to Yorkshire on a whim we met Great Gran (H’s paternal grandmother) for lunch, sending Kitty running on ahead of us into the garden centre café; Gran spotted Kitty and turned to my mother in law exclaiming, “That wee girl has a real look of our Kitty about her!”, only then recognising, H, Elma and me, crouching behind the seed potatoes.

This time she took one look at Kitty;

“Oh! They’ve done it to me again!”

My poor parents in law, they’re going to be completely unable to go out for lunch without Gran searching for relatives behind the geraniums.


Awesome all round; Great-Gran and her two (and only) Great-Grandaughters.

And the outtakes!




And then there was Easter Sunday itself.  We’d originally planned to go home on Good Friday or possibly Easter Saturday morning at the latest, but Kitty was loving the novelty of new scenery after weeks cooped up at home, her grandparents were enjoying her company and coping manfully with the exhausting demands of a toddler who thinks you are her new pet, and H and I rather liked having someone else cook for us (thanks Mum, it was delicious), and the chance to sit down next to each other without a tiny voice demanding, “Daddy! We do circles now!”.  So we stayed. And if the girls weren’t in their Easter dresses for Sunday church, well, it’s not the end of the world. 

I did draw the line at foregoing the traditional Easter egg hunt mind, and we made full use of Grandma and Grandad’s garden,
Elma supervising from a favourite vantage point






and their garden ornaments.




Complete sugar heaven!