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The rules of fairy cake making


According to our special correspondent:

(1) Always dress to match; even if it requires popping on last summer’s ‘so beautiful’ sundress.


(2) But make some concession to the inclement weather; wellies (flowery if possible) add that touch of whimsical practicality that guarantee that Mama will let you play with the real oven.


(3) All cakes should be iced and decorated with piping and a candle.  Please note, inexplicably the icing pens disappear overnight if you decorate yourself and your pyjamas with large quantities of green piping and have to be added to Mama’s bath to be scrubbed down.  I think it must be the coincidental nocturnal activities of tiny elves.


(4) Always smile for the photos; say “cleek!”


The play kitchen continues to be a firm favourite with a certain young lady; the big question is, should I give in to the temptation to bake some real cupcakes and sneak them into the play oven when she isn’t looking?

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  • Lyn Collett 11/01/2013 at 7:02 pm

    She is such an adorable poppet. “we” received some of those cupcakes for Christmas (two sets in fact) and the pens were immediately confiscated for fear of discovering everything covered in “icing” while I was making a cup of tea. They had been hugely popular, matched only by the plastic icecream cones that featured in the big box of play food my sis bought, which has led to the incomprehensible but fun ritual of icecream cheers whenever they are shared. As for the cupcakes, absolutely sneak some real ones in there as a surprise. Imagine her face 🙂