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Brown paper packages tied up with string

There are few things as guaranteed to add a little sparkle to the day as unexpected post.  Nice post that is; unexpected letters from the Inland Revenue tend not to be of the sparkly variety (and for that matter the same can be said about letters from the bank or the mortgage company).  But as Kitty doesn’t have a mortgage, doesn’t get letters from HMRC and her bank doesn’t tend to send her parcels, we knew it had to be good when a little brown envelope addressed just to her turned up on our doormat.
And it was good.  Her lovely Awesome-Aunt (none of her aunts are old enough to be great-aunts; and there’s not a hint of the Amazon pirates being forced to recite Casabianca about any of them) sent her the sweetest gift. Literally.

Fairy cake making planned this afternoon after a wonderful surprise parcel arrived for Kitty, paper cases and sugar butterflies!
What you may struggle to see clutched in those overexcited hands are a set of pink, blue and flowery fairy cake cases, and some sugar butterflies to decorate.  Kitty was beyond thrilled; her immediate response was, “Mama shall we ope? Shall we ope?”
So we did. It’s a perk of the stay at home days that we don’t have any fixed plans and I’ve almost always got cake ingredients in the cupboards.


Kitty’s role is to lay out the paper cases while I whizz up a lemon sponge mix in the food processor and then I spoon it into whichever cases she points too and then Little Miss Quality Control checks that we’ve got just the right amount in each one, usually by spooning off any perceived excess into a nearby small mouth.


But of course, fairy cakes are really just a vehicle for icing and butterflies; I iced and Kitty decorated.  Or should I say ‘decorated’.  Each of the twelve buns initially got one small butterfly and it took a decent amount of persuasion to convince her that not all of the butterflies should be eaten straight away, and that we could perhaps put some of the pink ones on the cakes instead of sending them straight to her tummy.


And then came the taste test.  Truth be told, when I’m cooking with Kit I’m not so obsessed with getting the perfect bake or the ideal flavouring, for me the success is in the smiles of my big baby girl, the squeaks and chatting as we cook, and the pleasure of spending time fully focused on her while Elma naps.


Although for the record – they tasted good!


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  • Lyn Collett 22/01/2013 at 1:23 pm

    What a lovely present. Such a thoughtful auntie 🙂