Christmas Finished Knitting



There has been Christmas knitting afoot in this house.  Not the very organised creativity of a knitter preparing for Christmas 2013 (although given my current tardiness, perhaps I ought to consider that), but the apologetic handiwork of a knitter-who-did-not-finish-not-even-by-twelfth-night.

There’s still quite a bit of Christmas knitting to go, so much so that I’m considering relabeling it all with Happy Easter, but to prevent my poor husband from having to hop to enjoy his Christmas gift, first off the needles was the companion to his lone sock.

If you need a little brightness to cheer away the January gloom, these would be the socks to cure all known forms of SAD.  They are bright.  Really really bright.  Happily, this is a significant plus point where the boy is concerned, and I loved knitting them.  It doesn’t hurt the appreciation of either creator or wearer that they’re made out of Wollemeisse Twin, selected from the Holy of Holies of the sock yarn stash.
I’ve been trying to think what they remind me of, possibly Red Hot Pokers, or the décor of the most aesthetically challenged Mexican restaurant you can think of, but it’s finally come to me. 
Once upon a time, I tried to go to York Races with a group of colleagues and friends.  I say tried because as York is York and England is England, the racecourse was naturally under water.  Well we’d travelled all that way so we weren’t going to just turn around and head home; we went on a scavenger pub crawl (as you do).  Challenges included a drink in most of the city’s finest establishments, collecting beer mats and stirrers and other bits and bobs, and the ultimate challenge, acquiring the recipe for a bar’s signature cocktail.
Well we were near the end of our hunt, in a bar that is memorable only for being empty apart from us, and painted smurf blue.  We’d got all our alcoholic ephemera (including the little paper umbrellas purchased from Co-op on the way back to the hotel – we’re nothing if not ingenious), we just needed that recipe.
And so, with some trepidation, we approached the bar and ordered a Jamaican Acid.  I know it involved Jaegermeister, cranberry juice and pineapple but time has thankfully relieved my memory of the rest of the recipe. The colour on the other hand has been rather harder to erase from the annals of time.  Even while smurf-lit we could see that this drink was seriously day-glo; pure highlighter pen in a glass.
Which brings me back to these socks; pure Jamaican Acid in yarn.  Which might just explain why the colourway is called Bob.
The Bare Necessities
Pattern: 72 st plain socks with a heel flap heel. 
Size: UK 11
Yarn: Wollemeisse Twin in ‘Bob’
Needles: 2.5mm
Alterations: None
Time to make: 1.5 months
Would I make it again: There’s always more room for socks.

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  • mandycharlie 15/01/2013 at 9:28 am

    Oooh pretty, we like Bob.