‘Natural’ methods of induction attempted so far*


Another week, another few belly inches, and no sign of the wiggle-bump showing any intention of joining us out here in this cold, damp, slightly frosty old world.  Clearly, I’ve been making things far too comfortable for the little passenger so this week we tried a few alternative therapies to persuade him or her to make an appearance.
1. Rock Buns a la store cupboard
December 002

By which I mean that I’d run out of sultanas so I threw in a handful of dried cranberries and the end of a packet of dates to make up the weight of dried fruit.

December 012

Result: they were delicious (despite the somewhat unorthodox substitutions) and were devoured by the family in record time.  We’ve promised the baby more when he or she arrives but I think this baby may have already realised that there’s a minimum of six month delay on me making good on that promise, and even then it’s highly unlikely that I’ll start baby led weaning with cake. Even home made cake.
December 016

2. Flapjack
When I was expecting Kitty I put a packet of flapjack in my labour bag.  I don’t think I’d packed it much before 38 weeks but when we finally got into labour it was 10 days out of date.  Alas.

December 019

Happily such a fate did not befall this batch, but nor did it produce anything other than a pleasant sugar high all around. Perhaps I should save mainlining the porridge oats until I’m nursing again.

December 024

3. Chinese Food

One delicious spicy Chinese takeaway. Schezuan beef with veggies, Singapore Rice Noodles, Sweet and Sour Chicken all washed down with egg fried rice and a good handful of prawn crackers.

Result: happy family, no baby (are you spotting a theme here).

4. Half a glass of cider left over from the annual batch of mincemeat

One of my pregnancy books recommended a glass of champagne as a natural induction method.  It’s delicious but didn’t do much when I was expecting Kit.  As I don’t want to knock back the entire bottle of Cava currently hibernating in the drinks cupboard, and the mincemeat recipe only used 2/3 of a bottle of medium dry, I duly imbibed.  Very slowly.  As in, it took me the entire evening to drink my little tumbler-full.

Result: nectar! On the baby front – not even an extra wiggle.

5. Slightly obsessive cleaning

December 056

Whilst a Martha Stewart/Anthea Turner/Aggie and Kim deposition would probably still have a flying fit, there has been a degree of nesting going on.  All except for the kitchen.  H’s theory is that I’ll go into labour cleaning the kitchen floor (again) so I’m saving that til last.  It’s on tomorrow’s list.
6. Christmas

December 151

What more could this little baby be waiting for?

*Please note that I am not a doctor, just a very pregnant woman very ready to meet her baby.  None of these have ever been suggested as a valid method of induction, even by my most liberal pregnancy book; make of them what you will.

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  • Lyn Collett 05/12/2012 at 7:21 pm

    Am hoping the silence means that cleaning the kitchen floor did the trick…