Exploring Family Kitty

In other news …


It’s been a bit a wee bit wet around here …

November 323

We went out on Sunday afternoon to chase away any cobwebs and inspect the floods, and walked along that path by the river, but by the time we drove over the bridge yesterday the path, and another good chunk of meadow behind it, were well under water.

November 331

Anyone for a picnic?…

November 321

Or a boat trip? …

November 423

We’re lucky in that we live on the side of a hill so if our house were ever to flood the world would have serious problems, and for the most part, the flooding around us is in gardens not houses, so we found some ever so slightly smaller puddles and took the chance to teach Kitty about the joys of splashing about in wellies.

November 317

November 425

November 464

November 334

I think she got the hang of it!

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  • mandycharlie 27/11/2012 at 10:45 pm

    Matching coat and wellies, how adorable. Yes it has been a bit damp recently.