Family Kitty

Beach Baby


Editor’s note – these photos were not taken today, although according to my special correspondent (who went for a walk in this vicinity this morning followed by a fish and chip lunch at the home of the best ever fish and chips), they might well have been.  As I sit here in a rainy, damp, dreary, ice-swept Warwickshire that singularly fails to correspond to the predicted weather conditions at any point in the last 24 hours I shall try not to feel too envious, or unduly bemoan the dampness of my laundry. 

I have a hundred and one things to share with you; a finished maternity jumper that I may never take off, such is its warmth and snuggliness, the start of the new baby’s super special blanket, play time with English paper piecing and Liberty print hexagons and a canter through the Great British Bake Off bread recipes, but for now, a picture will have to be worth a thousand words to share a family trip to the beach a few weeks ago.  All I’ll say is that is perfectly explains why, when presented with a sandbox this week, to the surprise of her more cautious colleagues, Kitty marched straight to the centre, plonked herself down and started digging really big holes!

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