Birthdays Family Kitty

The day I turned two


By Kitty, aged 2 (editor’s note: seriously – how did that happen so fast)

September 176

Mama and Daddy gave me some watercolours.
September 184

Mama, I do painty now?!

September 198

Then I played my hockey
September 204

And gave medicine to a poorly turtle.

After lunch I made biscuits with Mama
September 230

September 251

September 266

September 268

September 295

Mmm, yummy butter!
September 316

September 350

Then I played with my balloons
September 359

September 374

We had cake for tea, and my biscuits
September 385

and Godmummy Mandy came to help me blow my candle out.
September 389

I like being two.

Editor’s note two: Yes, it’s true, the ever lengthening Kitty turned two last Friday amidst a sea of pink wrapping paper and wonderful and generous gifts from friends and family.  She is officially spoilt rotten, and I have not seen my carpet in days.  I believe it to be blue but that’s purely supposition.  We kept things pretty low key, but by the power of satellites and the internets her birthday tea was attended by not only her Godmummy but also Grandpa (by Skype) and Uncle and Aunt C who phoned from their holiday in Spain at just the right moment.  Now all we need is a way to send cake through the airwaves – Roald Dahl was clearly on to something.  As she is too little to have quite grasped the concept of birthday wishes we made some for her, and if even half of them come true she’s going to have a wonderful year!

PS – thank you so much to all who left comments or sent messages on my last post, they are all appreciated and dearly treasured.

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  • mandycharlie 27/09/2012 at 8:27 pm

    Such a special day, thank you for sharing your treasured moments, I love them all. I especially like the licking of the butter, such fun. Oh and the birthday cake flavoured with lemon was absolutely delicious.