Clinging on to summer or embracing autumn?


August 754

I know it’s still technically August, and summer and hot and all sorts of things like that, but autumn is extending her crunchy golden leaves towards us.  The weather has definitely turned in the last few days; for the first time in a while, Kitty’s room thermometer says ‘smiley face’ not ‘hot cross frown’, and I’ve unearthed the long sleeved pyjama top from the back of the drawer to keep most of me snug at night.

We’ve had such a blustery day today, with squalls busting through on each fresh gust of wind, leaving one half of the house bathed in brilliant sunshine, and the other combating the gloom of some very very dark clouds.

This year, I’m embracing autumn with my kitchen.  We had hot porridge with blueberries and the last trickle of maple syrup from the bottle for breakfast, and my summer culinary urges (something quick and veg, and as much as possible on the barbeque) have given way to a craving to make pie, casserole and lots and lots of soup.

We had Somerset pie for supper tonight (from the recipe in the Great British Bake-Off book) and the smell of the pork casseroling in the oven filled the house all afternoon.  Kitty was in charge of pie decoration so naturally it was adorned with three hearts, a flower, an elephant, and an umbrella!

I know it’s forecast to be nice again over the weekend, and who knows, we may yet get an Indian summer, but for now I’m off to curl up under duvets and quilts and be glad of them.

How about you? are you ready to let go just yet?

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  • Little Miss Adventure 01/09/2012 at 5:56 pm

    I was all ready to embrace Autumn (it is my favourite season), but we’ve had a very warm sunny day today and are off to a water park tomorrow, so I think clinging onto summer for as long as the sun shines!