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August 2012


Clinging on to summer or embracing autumn?


August 754

I know it’s still technically August, and summer and hot and all sorts of things like that, but autumn is extending her crunchy golden leaves towards us.  The weather has definitely turned in the last few days; for the first time in a while, Kitty’s room thermometer says ‘smiley face’ not ‘hot cross frown’, and I’ve unearthed the long sleeved pyjama top from the back of the drawer to keep most of me snug at night.

We’ve had such a blustery day today, with squalls busting through on each fresh gust of wind, leaving one half of the house bathed in brilliant sunshine, and the other combating the gloom of some very very dark clouds.

This year, I’m embracing autumn with my kitchen.  We had hot porridge with blueberries and the last trickle of maple syrup from the bottle for breakfast, and my summer culinary urges (something quick and veg, and as much as possible on the barbeque) have given way to a craving to make pie, casserole and lots and lots of soup.

We had Somerset pie for supper tonight (from the recipe in the Great British Bake-Off book) and the smell of the pork casseroling in the oven filled the house all afternoon.  Kitty was in charge of pie decoration so naturally it was adorned with three hearts, a flower, an elephant, and an umbrella!

I know it’s forecast to be nice again over the weekend, and who knows, we may yet get an Indian summer, but for now I’m off to curl up under duvets and quilts and be glad of them.

How about you? are you ready to let go just yet?

Family Kitty Knitting Motherhood

Questions and Answers


Thank you all so much for the comments and messages of congratulations – we are so happy and excited, and just a little bit nervous about the prospect of two tiny people ruling the roost.

After Kitty took her own sweet time to make an appearance I have no confidence at all in due dates so I’ll simply say that tiny bump is due when it gets cold, sometime this side of Christmas.  I’d promise him or her snow like the Mama in the ‘We’re having a baby’ book we’ve been reading to Kit, but this is England and we all know that means that the baby will arrive to drizzle and a forecast that promises a white Christmas but never delivers.

Speaking of Miss Kitty, she’s got as much of an idea about the impending arrival as an almost two year old might be expected to have.  If we ask her where our baby is she sometimes points to my tummy, and sometimes to her own, but she likes blowing raspberries on my tummy and sometimes rushes up and shouts “‘Ello Baby!” to my middle.  I think the baby likes is.

We met up with friends this afternoon at one of Kitty’s friends second birthday party and got to snuggle a teeny tiny six week old and Kit was fascinated by baby M.  Whether she will remain as fascinated by tiny bump once he or she makes an appearance, and once Kitty realises that this new baby brother or sister is a permanent fixture remains to be seen.

We don’t know whether we’re having a boy or a girl, and we’re waiting until he or she makes an appearance to find out so most of the baby knits from last time will come out again, at least in the newborn sizes and then we’ll either have a parade of fabulous big sister hand me downs, or I’ll really get cracking on the baby boy knits.  I am planning an Alice Starmore blanket though – I probably ought to get a move on with that.

And just because no post should go unpublished without a gratuitous picture of a certain little girl, may I present Kit, in her choice of appropriate clothing for playing outside at the start of what turned into a cracking thunderstorm!

August 423

Family Knitting Motherhood

An Olympian of sorts


The problem with Ravellenic knitting with really, really nice yarn is the internal conflict between knitting to a deadline, and wanting to knit with the really lovely lovely yarn for as long as possible.   In a sense, I think I shot myself in the foot with that one.  But I’m still counting myself as a Ravellenic Victor, even if not entirely victorious in all of my events.  Well, let’s take a look …

First up, a Baby Surprise Jacket – finished!
August 088

My actual genuine went-to-the-olympics knitting, as modelled by a friendly bear.

And the second ….
August 137

Well it’s finished now, but that doesn’t quite count.  It’s a Baby Mine in the gorgeous Cephalopod Yarns Traveller, and I finished it on Tuesday.  I was nearly nearly there, and if the Closing Ceremonies had lasted as long as the Opening Ceremony (and I hadn’t fallen asleep) I might just have made it.

But as I said, I have a really really good excuse:
August 172

Knitting Work in Progress



Faith in all things wooly, is that this;

Is enough yarn for a toe.

And it was:



It’s the closest I’ve run a pair of socks to the end of the yarn for many a while (and yes I did knit faster towards the end to try to make the yarn last longer!)


Silence falls


One minute a cheerful humming little hive of activity and storage of our treasured memories, the next a frozen screensaver, and then the restart that isn’t.  That blank black backdrop to chunky white courier print, rattling out computer-ese across the page to say;


And in that moment poof went the photos that hadn’t been backed up yet, poof went my editing software, poof went my two published knitting designs and the one I’ve been working on (including the photos) and poof went my stitch software.  And a whole host of other things.

I know we’re Christian, but I think we may have been doing a spot of cultural magpie-ism and sitting shiva for the laptop.

Far from letting the little black box rest in peace though it has been carted off to a friend of H’s who runs a computer wizztrickery company and according to my second hand reports of a brief conversation conducted since Tuesday by means of text messages, I am led to believe that it is working again, although whether that includes the rescue of any of my files remains to be seen. 

In the meantime I’m just grateful that manic Olympic knitting prevented me from uploading all of the photos on the camera from the week before the Event of DOOM, so I shall be back soon with tales of Team GB supporting right to the joyful end, a new non-knitting project, possibly some socks and of course a summary of my Ravellenic progress (hint: yes, almost, and I have a really good excuse – again).

ETA – by virtue of fabulous customer service from the Knit Foundry I have my stitch visualiser software again, now to start redrafting that pattern!