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Tonight, after months of speculation, intrigue, leaks to the press and the arrival of well concealed packages, the truth will finally be revealed.

Yes, it’s the start of the Ravhellenic Games 2012.  Oh, and I believe there may be some party happening in East London, but that’s not really related, that’s all for Seb Coe’s Big Sports’ Day.

So as whatever song and dance extravaganza comes to a close (please Locog let us be proud of our country, not wincing) and whoever has been selected to light the cauldron steps up (please Locog let it not be Beckham – I know he’s done a lot to promote London and I’m sure he is/was a great footballer, but he isn’t an Olympian and we’ve got some pretty cracking Olympians around the place), I will cast on the first of my two projects in the ancient and venerated fibre-sport of Baby Dressage.

One, in the oh so fabulous 3 Irish Girls Springvale Worsted, is destined to be a Baby Surprise Jacket,
July 499

and the other, in the most regal, most Cadbury of purples (which only arrived from customs/the post office yesterday) is to be a small cardigan for the most treasured of little girls (after Kitty, naturally) who surprised both her mama and her self-nominated knitter by arriving a whole heap early at the end of June. 
July 508

Happily, the current heat suggests that she may not be suffering too badly for her cardie being a little tardy.

I will knit and knit and knit, on trains, in quiet moments at home, and even at the Games themselves, and I hope that in a couple of weeks time I’ll have two little knits to show that I have absolutely no connection whatsoever with the Olympics, but that I will be a Ravhellenic Champion.

Wish me luck